A visit to St.Tropez Market April 2023

St Tropez market

A visit to St.Tropez Market April 2023. I am again back in the market with all the familiar sights and smells. I am glad that we took the early bus from Grimaud as the market began to get very busy towards the middle of the morning. The lanes between the stalls are very narrow so it can get crowded.

We saw lots of lovely dresses and kaftans during this visit. The fabrics seem to be of better quality on many of the stalls. There were some gorgeous pure cotton maxi dresses and tunics.

There was a really nice pottery stall. All are handcrafted and hand-painted.

I took the opportunity to replace my worn-out cross-body bag. I always travel with one. They are ideal for keeping all your valuable documents safe and in one place. It makes the airport experience so much easier as you can keep the different items such as passport, money and boarding pass in separate compartments. You can adjust the straps and I often wear mine around my waist. Amazon has a good selection.

Blue print maxi dress in Market

My friend Dee trying on a gorgeous blue print maxi dress. It is pure cotton with a cotton lining. So will be nice and cool when the temperatures rise.

Maxi dresses remain popular and I find them so useful in the hot summer months. Just pop on and add a few accessories and you are done. Here is a selection below.

A multitude of scarves in different lengths, patterns and colours.

I always like to take a photograph of my favourite chic boutique situated in one of the side streets leading to the main square in St.Tropez. This season they were displaying some lovely bright colours alongside their usual chic neutrals.

A visit to St.Tropez Market April 2023

I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour.

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  1. Sharon
    26th April 2023 / 14:29

    Love seeing your market trips! Wish I could join you:)

  2. Susan Harper
    26th April 2023 / 16:17

    Love the market trips. Happy to see some bright colours.

  3. Jayne
    26th April 2023 / 16:39

    I like a collar on my shirts and dresses but they seem to have all but disappeared, cheaper to make I suppose. It was good to see a collar on the both models in the boutique window.

  4. Mary Ann
    26th April 2023 / 16:51

    The pink dress in the first photo would look great on you, the color is perfect. Love going traveling with you.

    • Jukia
      26th April 2023 / 19:28

      Just beautiful Josephine! Thank you!

  5. Jillian Aziz
    26th April 2023 / 17:07

    Hi Josephine which is the shop you refer to in St Tropez? I also have a house in Grimaud but on the Beauvallon golf course and would like to take a look when I am there next.

    • 26th April 2023 / 17:29

      Hello Jillian
      The Shop is Civette St.Tropez. It stocks high-end items and quite a few Italian brands. I have bought from there but tend to wait for the sales.

  6. 26th April 2023 / 17:12

    So many pretty things to look at! I love the rose blouse your are holding and the blue dress on Dee. I hope some purchases were made! Nice to see pearls – lovely year-round, but so very nice in the warm months. Thanks for sharing. I always love your market posts.

    • 26th April 2023 / 17:26

      Yes Dee did buy the dress. I tended to buy tee shirts and presents for my grandchildren.

  7. Pru
    26th April 2023 / 17:26

    Love the bright geometric shirt on the left hand side of the last photo!

  8. 26th April 2023 / 18:13

    I also like shirts/dresses with collars, the blue one on Dee is delicious! I never wear prints; I’m typically a solid color person; hmmmm wonder how a print would look because these are gorgeous!

  9. Nicola McHale
    26th April 2023 / 19:00

    Great to see you & still looking stunning!

  10. Helen
    26th April 2023 / 20:40

    What a lovely Blog Josephine, wish I was there ! Love your hat. The dresses were beautiful
    and the choice of scarves wonderful. Enjoy your trip.

  11. Francie
    26th April 2023 / 22:42

    I enjoyed this, thanks, Josephine, for taking us to the St. Tropez market!

  12. Susan D
    30th April 2023 / 10:02

    Always a favourite, your visit to the ST market.
    Susan D

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