How I am wearing the new style jeans

How I am wearing the new style jeans

Following my previous post on “How to wear jeans that flatter” I thought that I would be brave and try a pair of wide-leg jeans. I took them with me to Grimaud so that I could experiment with different ways to style them. Instead of driving as we usually do we decided to fly as we are only staying here for two weeks. It seemed really strange to be in an aeroplane again after about three years. Anyway, back to the jeans I found them very comfortable to travel in. I chose a light pink as they will team well with my purple, whites and navies.

My jeans are from Uniqlo (US link). They are made from a thick cotton material so hang well. They do come up quite large. I ordered my usual size and found the waist a little big so you might like to size down. There is a size calculator on the Uniqlo site which I find quite accurate.

Above I have teamed my jeans with a purple long-sleeve tee from Cos. The purple does not seem to be in stock any more however if you are after a neutral colour I find their quality very good. Beneton also has a good selection of cotton tees in a variety of colours.

I absolutely love the new trainers that I am wearing. They are very comfortable and such fun. They are New Balance. Available here.

Pale pink wide leg jeans

My jeans are actually pale pink. They look slightly purple in the photo above due to the light. The travel purse you can see slung around my body is extremely useful. I can hold my sunglasses, small purse and travel documents. Similar here and here. Etsy (US link) has a wide variety in lovely bright colours.

How I am wearing the new style jeans. Wide leg jeans with hat and jacket

If it gets a bit chilly in the evening I have been wearing my navy bomber jacket originally from Arket a few years ago. Similar here.

My pink fedora hat is one of my favourites. Originally from St.Tropez market however I found some very similar in a variety of colours on Etsy.

Purple cashmere cardigen

In the photos above and below I have swapped my navy jacket for my purple cashmere cardigan. Sadly sold out. I have tried to find similar ones below.

Purple and pink summer outfit

Some of you may think that these wide-leg jeans may not be the most flattering however I have come to the conclusion that I have reached an age where I want to wear clothes that I feel comfortable wearing and that I love.

These stunning photos were taken by my friend Dee in the village of Grimaud.

How I am wearing the new style jeans:


  1. 21st April 2023 / 16:09

    I tried some wide trousers but didn’t like them once. I am far too short. Like your colour scenes here but I need stronger brighter colours sl I am just adopting the “ideas”. Hope you’re enjoying T.D., Josephine. My Older Son ives there.

  2. Francie
    21st April 2023 / 17:06

    Love this post! I like the wide legged jeans. You have very good taste.

  3. Kathy
    21st April 2023 / 17:29

    I like the wide leg pants on other people, especially my daughter. I still can’t get onboard, yet.

  4. PatB
    21st April 2023 / 17:33

    Thank you for a beautiful and helpful post. Love the pink pants and your styling with different shades. Your friend’s talent and the location are so lovely.

  5. Wendy
    21st April 2023 / 19:16

    Your first outfit with the long-sleeve tee is absolutely lovely! Gorgeous colours.

  6. Angela
    21st April 2023 / 20:59

    I’ve worn wide leg in linen for a couple of years during hot summers but have yet to try jeans. I think it’s all a matter of confidence to be able to go with newer trends, particularly later in life. If you feel good, you can pull it off as you have done.

  7. Lynne
    21st April 2023 / 23:43

    Hooray. Every odd decade fashion and I intersect and I am thrilled I have a pair of pink jeans just like yours tucked away in my cupboard and even better, they still fit . Unfortunately the purple jumper has long disappeared but by gosh, I will just pop out, spend some more of the kids’ inheritance and buy a new one.

  8. 22nd April 2023 / 05:21

    I am in my 80’s, 5’3″ in height and just love my wide leg jeans. They represent ultimate comfort with style. I love your pink ones and the pink Fedora Josephine.

  9. Carol
    22nd April 2023 / 06:31

    You look fabulous in your pink wide-leg jeans.

  10. Sharon Goodwin
    22nd April 2023 / 07:11

    The wide leg jeans look great on you. I love wide leg trousers but done have any jeans yet. Will be trying the Uniqlo one though. The New Balance are great aren’t they, I’ve just bought them in red after being gifted 2 pairs from my children. I wear them all the time sooo comfortable.

  11. 23rd April 2023 / 08:23

    The wide leg jeans look great on you and they are flattering because of how you are styling them. I think many women try them and wear with something too voluminous on the top, if you’re only 5’4”/5” like me that is overwhelming. I’ve had some great bright green wide leg cords this winter and I love them so much I’m going to miss them a lot when the UK weather finally warms up!

    • 23rd April 2023 / 15:23

      Hello Maureen
      Your bright green cords sound great

  12. Lauren Goddard
    23rd April 2023 / 15:02

    I don’t care for wide leg jeans. Maybe they’d work for leggy woman 5’8 and up. Just too much fabric and bulk. You manage to style them nicely but imagine how much sleeker the outfits would have looked with slimmer bottoms. I hope this trend doesn’t last but meanwhile I’m ignoring it.

  13. 23rd April 2023 / 19:51

    I like wide-legged trousers, but I prefer a fabric with more drape. Denim is just too stiff!

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