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22nd July 2014  |  Accessories, Fashion 2014

Sandals and comfortable feet

In my world these two components should definitely go together. There is nothing that can spoil my day more that wearing a pair of uncomfortable sandals that rub painful blisters.  I also need them to be fairly substantial and supportive of my feet.

I was a fan of the “Birkenstock” sandal the first time round and so was glad to see them return to the fashion forefront.

It is no surprise then that I love my new “heavenly feet” sandals available here. They have a formed footbed which gives arch support and it really feels as if I am walking on air. I have been wearing them non stop both in London and here in France. I find that they work just as well with a long summer dress as with jeans.


Heavenly sandals 2


They have been great for wearing on the beach.


club 55 shoes 3


shoes etc.

21st July 2014  |  Fashion Flash Monday

Fashion Flash Monday



Greetings from France.  This week I would like to welcome Mary Lou of Second Lives Club as our Fashion Flash host.  She is an inspiration to us all and an example of how to live the second half of our lives to the full . She also gives plenty of examples of women who have done just that.

Plus don’t forget to check out all the latest news and views on fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle from the Fashion Flash group of experts by clicking here.

18th July 2014  |  France

One day in the South of France

Yesterday we took a trip into the hills and discovered the picturesque village of Gassin. It is set right at the top of a hill with a glorious view of the Gulf of St Tropez and the surrounding countryside.

I love the clear blue skies at this time of year.  The way the sun and the shadows chase each other round alternately shedding light and shade onto the traditional village houses.


Gassin 1



gassin 2



gassin 3

Mr. P. A solitary figure in a shady narrow passage between the houses.


Gassin 7

The flora and fauna of the area


Gassin 6



gassin 8

Our delicious Provencal lunch!

Now to the evenings entertainment in the village provided by the “grimaldines”.  A classic french combination of mime and dance. My favourite “spectacle” was the dancing horses.


entertainment 2



entertainment 3



Entertainment 4



Wishing you a fantastic week-end wherever you are.

15th July 2014  |  Accessories, French fashion, Style inspiration

Classic stripe Breton top

One of my favourite pieces that I wear nearly every day both in London and in France is my treasured “Breton”. It is such an easy slip on and go top.






IMG_5770 All photos by Daisy Mae

I bought my Breton in St.Tropez market however they are widely available at various price points. One of the best ones are by Boden here and here. Necklace also from the market similar here. Panama hat similar here.


Shop the look


14th July 2014  |  Fashion Flash Monday

Fashion Flash Monday



I seem to be loosing track of time during the long lazy days here in the South of France however I have remembered that It is Fashion flash Monday today.

This week it is hosted by the lovely Jackie at Agingbackwards. Jackie does all the research for us on matters pertaining to the latest beauty and anti-aging news. Pop over and check out the useful hints and tips on how to look and feel great at any age from the Fashion Flash group here.

11th July 2014  |  Style inspiration

How to wear the new patterned trousers

Have you ventured into the patterned trouser trend this season? I thought I would experiment and see if I could integrate a pair into my wardrobe.

The first pair I chose were a dark navy with a light cream print. I kept the rest of my outfit as classic as possible in both colour and style so as not to confuse the eye. I have also worn them more casually with  a plain white shirt.




Navy jacekt with print trousers




The trousers are from TKMaxx similar here coat from last year similar here Navy sling back shoes similar here T shirt by Gap here Clutch bag similar here Black necklace similar here

The second pair were a light blue with a small diamond pattern which I teamed with a plain white shirt. I have also worn it with a light blue shirt and also my long line light blue linen jacket from last year.




Trousers from TKMaxx similar here  White shirt here and here grey sneakers similar here and here

Photos by photographer Daisy Mae. Check out her Facebook page here

8th July 2014  |  Jewellery

Do you or don’t you when it comes to diamonds?

Real or not?  Can you tell the difference?

I am referring to jewellery. If you possess real jewellery equivalent to the “crown jewels” by all means wear and enjoy them. However you could consider choosing another option and that is to supplement  with convincing “look alikes”  (and many very wealthy women do just that). They use simulated stones so similar to the real thing that nobody would ever know.

You might be asking yourself why would I do this. One good reason might simply be security.  Many of us travel frequently these day whether for business or pleasure and the risk of losing or horror of horrors having precious items stolen could be good enough reasons. Also as most insurance companies now charge extremely high insurance premiums for “worldwide” cover travelling with your “lookalikes” could save you a few £s or $s.

 I do possess a real pair of diamond studs that I was given many years ago however on  a day to day basis I wear my “lookalikes” unashamedly. Whether people think they are real or not does not bother me. I know what they are and therefore wear them more often and travel anxiety free.

When I attended the press day recently to introduce the new Bouton collections I was particularly impressed with the small diamond like studs made of simulated stones. They looked chic and elegant in their own right, not at all paste like.

100 facet group shot100 facet group shot

Bouton diamond selection 057100 facet group shot

Bouton diamond ear studs 058

A selection of simulated stone jewellery available from Bouton here

Stud earrings available here


Would you or wouldn’t you fake it ?  Do tell

This is not a sponsored post however I was sent the earring for review.

100 facet group shotresized 100 Facet Earrings £70.00

7th July 2014  |  Fashion Flash Monday

Fashion Flash Monday


Hi All

It is Fashion Flash Monday again. I am taking a couple of weeks off in the South of France however I will certainly be making time to stop off and read all the news at Fashion Flash.

You can to just pop over to check out what the wonderful Deb at No Nonsense Beauty Blog and all her friends have to say this week. Click here and enjoy.

3rd July 2014  |  Style inspiration

What to wear to a summer wedding

I have nearly worn out a pair of shoes trying to find suitable attire for a summer wedding. My wrist is suffering from repetitive strain injury from checking “special occasion” websites.

This search is of great personal interest this year as I am due to fulfil the role of Mother of the Groom this August. I had forgotten how stressful it can be to find the perfect outfit. I was Mother of the Bride 5 years ago and I remember finding it challenging then.

This time round it seemed  even harder,  either it is my imagination or dresses seem to have become mysteriously shorter and sleeves become nearly extinct. Even though I raised my budget on several occasions the perfect outfit alluded me.

The search is now over and I have found what I consider to be an outfit that I feel supremely comfortable wearing and that for me is one of the most important criteria. It is a touch unusual however it just feels “me”. I just need the final touches of bag and shoes. I am not going to reveal the ensemble in this post for obvious reasons however I will post photos after the event.

Here are a few other alternatives that I consider would tick all the boxes for this important event.


Special occasion dressing


Blue dress Jacques Vert here   Silver sandals here   Oyster Dress   Jacques Vert here   Nude shoes from a selection here   Clutch Bags from a selection here    Jewellery from a selection here   Pearl jewellery from a selection here


Special occasion dressing


Aqua jacket and dress Jacques Vert here and here   Reiss hat here   Dress by Jacques Vert here   Nude shoes here   Navy shoes here   Necklace here   Earrings here


Special Occasion Dressing


Dress Jacques Vert here Jacket here   Hat here   Shoes here and here   DVF  pink dress here   Jewellery here and here

All Perfume from Penhaligon here


Do you find it easy to put together a special occasion outfit and if you do what hints and tips to you have that you would be willing to share.

Comments always welcome and appreciated.

1st July 2014  |  Beauty at any age

Diary of a beauty guinea pig!

As I am a needle phobe I have so far not been tempted to try either botox or fillers; just not my thing and some of the results I have seen have looked way too scary. However who would not want to soften their wrinkles and I have heard very good reports on Hyaluronic Acid for hydrating and smoothing the skin. So when I was approached by WrinkleMD and asked if I would like to try out their new system I could not resist.


wrinkle MD 2014-05-19 at 17.15.10


WrinkleMD has been nicknamed “The Crow’s Feet Eraser”by InStyle Beauty Editors.

The first and only of its kind, WrinkleMD changes everything about anti-aging skincare. Using gentle Ion-Infusion™ Technology, this hands-free beauty gadget significantly reduces wrinkle appearance with medical-grade Hyaluronic Acid (HA)— the same primary ingredient found in the wrinkle fillers used by dermatologists. Results are fast, long-lasting, and look beautifully natural.

Well here goes. The diary of a guinea pig.  Me before using the treatment for four weeks. As you can see if you look closely at the photo I have plenty of wrinkles round my eyes to work on.


IMG_5789-2Photo by Daisy Mae

What I will do in the name of experimentation. This is a photo of me with the pads in place.


SONY DSCPhoto by Mr P

It is definitely painless and each session lasts 20 mins. The skin round my eyes certainly seems to feel softer and more plumped up.


P1080798Photo by Connie

The wrinkles are still there but they definitely look softer to me.

This is not a sponsored post however I was sent the kit to test.

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