White for a fresh summer look

White for a fresh summer look

Well, I can’t believe it but we are off to France this Sunday. We will have to drive there in one day instead of breaking our journey with an overnight stay as we usually do. I am deciding what to pack. The above outfit will definitely be included. Apparently, it is very hot down in the South at the moment.

In my opinion there is nothing like white for a fresh summer look. I have had these boyfriend style trousers by WinserLondon for several years which is a miracle as I am prone to getting stains on my white clothing This year’s version, I find that I normally have to replace my white tees every two years. I have recently found a good source of organic cotton white tees at Mango (US link). They are very reasonably priced. I am wearing one in the photo above. My pink ethnic print scarf is from Chicatanyage scarf shop.

Pale pink jacket and white trousers

I have added my pale pink summer jacket originally from Arket two years ago. They have a similar style in a bubble gum pink. It gives the look a touch more formality. How I styled my jacket last year. My silver sandals are by Gabor at JohnLewis&Partners.

A third example of white as a fresh summer look with the addition of my pink silk print top by NRBY from JohnLewis&Partners. I bought it last year and it is still available. It also comes in a very pretty blue. You can see how I wore it last year.

White for a fresh summer look

Finally worn with a simple pink cardigan originally from MeandEm. I like the boxy shape and it has washed and lasted extremely well. They have Similar shapes in various colours. Boden has one Similar to the one I am wearing. Boden does an excellent collection of cardigans. My cream and grey pearl and silver chain from Chicatanyage shop.

A selection of cool summer looks


  1. Sandy Flower
    6th July 2020 / 16:31

    Hello Josephine. I am a recent subscriber so I apologise if you have covered this. I am having a real problem finding a summery handbag
    I am only 5ft 2inch and it seems the only handbags available in straw/metallic are all huge and totally out of proportion except to take to the beach. Perhaps I have left it too late but it is only now we are starting to go out again that I have realised that my ones from last year are really too shabby to use
    Wishing you a safe trip. SF

    • 6th July 2020 / 16:59

      Hello Sandy
      Welcome to my blog. To be honest I have not thought much about handbags this year probably like you because I have not been going out. When I go to the shops for essentials I just use my bum bag for my hand sanitiser, rubber gloves and credit card so everything is to hand and quick and easy. Practicality before elegance this year. I will have to do some research and get back to you.

  2. Eve
    6th July 2020 / 18:34

    I’m loving the pink and white. Up until this year, I don’t think I owned any Pink but the pinks are so pretty this year. The cardigan is particularly pretty. You are blessed to e able to travel. My travel plans are for an eye exam tomorrow. Have fun!

  3. Wendy
    6th July 2020 / 20:15

    Will be very interested to hear how Covid-19 impacts your journey through France and life at your destination. Bon voyage!

  4. Pru
    6th July 2020 / 20:20

    That is a long drive for you on Sunday Josephine, more than I would want to do after such a long time trapped. Bon Voyage!

  5. Kitty O'
    6th July 2020 / 23:08

    You look stunning
    Thank you for all the inspiration..
    You make making choices easier for me

    Bless you for sharing

    Happy travels

  6. Julia
    7th July 2020 / 00:14

    Nice outfits Josephine but I wish someone would make long t-shirts.they’re always too short.
    You look great in sandals!

    • 8th July 2020 / 12:39

      Hello Julie

      I would suggest Me&Em for longer line tee shirts. They do a variety of shapes some with longer backs. I personally like their trapeze styles. The only other store that has long tee shirts is Primark, however, I don’t personally buy for them for ethical reasons. Gap seemed to have some longer ones but when I looked they were very short on sizes.

  7. Julia
    7th July 2020 / 00:20

    And another comment….I’m sure many of your other correspondents will identify with this. It’s the same with Susan’s blog in the USA. You see something you like, click on it and,….guess what….it’s only available in small! I can’t tell you how many times this happens. Why don’t retailers realize that medium, large (especially) and extra large sizes sell out quickly and order accordingly? Do they like having a huge stock of small-sized stuff at the end of the season?

  8. 7th July 2020 / 08:26

    Hello Julia
    Sizes in general have been a big problem this season and will probably be worse next season as brands manufacture less and stores reduce their stock. I am finding that both small and large sizes are left and the mediums are all sold out. By the time I photograph an outfit, do the research and publish the blog there are not many sizes left. It is making writing a blog quite challenging

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