What to wear at home and still look stylish

What to wear at home and still look stylish

Ideas on what to wear at home and still look stylish. Many of us are not working full time in a corporate situation. Even if we are the rules of what we are required to wear has relaxed over the years. Alternatively, we may be working from home, be semi-retired or retired.

It is many years since I had to put on a formal business outfit, yet I still want to look stylish while working on the blog and generally dealing with everyday chores. If I pop out to do some grocery shopping I don’t want to look like a baglady.

Details of above:

Blue cashmere cardigan JohnLewis&Partners | Lipstick Fuchsia Lookfabulousforever | Two-tone blue sweater JohnLewis&Partners | Yellow shopper Boden | Navy leggings WinserLondon at JohnLewis&Partners |Blue earrings JCrew | Navy flats Boden.

What to wear at home and still look stylish

There is also a psychological aspect to the way I dress at home. Somehow I don’t feel as organised or productive if I hang around the house in old jogging pants. Jeans or a casual pair of trousers allow me to feel more pulled together. During the winter months, I normally wear a few layers maybe a tee shirt or thermal vest under a chunky knit. This allows me to keep the heating thermostat as low as possible in order to save energy.

Details of above:

Stripe cardigan/jacket Boden | Lipstick soft caramel Lookfabulousforever | Cream sweater MarksandSpencer |Multi coloured bead necklace MarksandSpencer | Black Ponte trousers JohnLewis&Partners | Red flats FitFlop | Red bucket bag Boden.

If you choose trousers they need to be comfortable as you may be sitting for some time. I like some stretch in mine. My WinserLondon blue jeans, their miracle trousers or their leggings work well as do my Hopefashionuk foundation trousers (currently on sale).

I have to admit that if I want really cosy feet I wear my classic Uggs.

My previous post on cosy knits should also give you some ideas on how to look stylish in the home.

What do you wear to look smart if you work from home?


  1. 31st January 2020 / 17:38

    My mother had a collection of hideous clothes that she would buy from the JC Penney outlet store for cheap, cheap, cheap. She would offer them to me and I would shrink in horror … “But that’s really ugly!” and she’d say, “You can wear it around the house!” I’d always respond with, “Why on earth would I want to look like a ragbag in the house? What if someone comes over or I want to go somewhere?”

    She’d also buy clothes there to send to her relatives in Estonia, acting as a sort of American Lady Bountiful.Turns out the relatives in Estonia were all doing quite well, financially – much better than my parents were. I laugh now to think that they must have been horrified at these tacky clothes!

  2. Angela in NZ
    1st February 2020 / 00:38

    You’ve got me thinking about how, many years ago, as a stay at home mum, I would have so many changes of clothes in a day to suit the purpose. One to drop the boys at school, one to walk the dog, one for working around the house, one for uptown shopping and back to the first outfit to pick up from school. How totally insane was that! I can only imagine it was perceived peer pressure, at that time, to conform to my environment.
    Many years older, and most certainly wiser, I now wear very similar outfits to those illustrated, wear makeup every day and feel really good about myself. Oh….. and finally I’ve had enough of battling with my roots and UV fading of my coloured hair, so currently going through the salon assisted process of going silver. #feelingliberated 😉

  3. 2nd February 2020 / 05:36

    I agree completely. I’m retired so I don’t need to dress for work, but I choose to look presentable even on those days when I’m not going anywhere. I feel better about myself, I’m not embarrassed if someone unexpected comes to the door, and even if only my hubby sees me, he’s worth making the effort for!

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

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