Classic outfits that stand the test of time.

Classic outfits that stand the test of time.

For me, a classic outfit that stands the test of time is a blazer/jacket plus jeans or trousers. My basic everyday staples are trousers/jeans paired with a simple top. Either tee shirts, blouses or sweaters depending on the weather. If I need to go out to meet a friend for coffee or lunch I simply add a jacket and I immediately feel “dressed”. If you are not a fan of structured jackets you could always choose a long line cardigan.

Details of above:

Navy blazer with gold buttons MarksandSpencer | Grey cardigan with red border Boden | Red bag with gold chain Nordstrom | Red lipstick Lookfabulousforever | Pearl necklace JohnLewis&Partners | Red kitten heel boots Boden | Blue jeans MarksandSpencer | Pearl earrings JohnLewis&Partners.

As we are currently thinking about how we can maximise our wardrobes and make the most of the clothes that we already own investing in a good quality jacket that will stand the test of time and that can be dressed up or down could well be a good choice. I recently purchased this gorgeous Tailored Tux Blazer from MeandEm in their sale. I could not resist it. It is dark petrol blue with black satin lapels. It is greatly reduced in the sale (only small sizes left).

I wore it last weekend to attend a friends 70th birthday tea party. I paired it with a simple cream satin tie-neck blouse and black trousers. Smart but not too overdone.

Classic outfits that stand the test of time

The outfits I am wearing in the collage below are comprised of items that I have had in my wardrobe for many years. One or two of the jackets have stood me in good stead for over ten years. Buy better and buy well is one of my mantras when shopping.

Clothes that I think will stand the test of time:


  1. Julia Lovatt
    4th February 2020 / 20:44

    This is a great post Josephine! Love those clothes!

  2. Margie (USA)
    4th February 2020 / 21:24

    Josephine – Beautiful choices. Each one is perfect. Today’s blazer is gorgeous! I have a few over-sized blazers from years ago…think they could still be worn? They are both double-breasted and single….spent quite a bit of money on each and hate to watch them sit in the closet.

  3. 5th February 2020 / 19:34

    This is where I miss my colour printer! I would love to print off all your outfits, Josephine as I like them all. I’ve been thinking I would like a blazer. I’m 5 foot so I have to watch the length but with a bit of a bust I also have to watch the shoulder width. Thought of black but seeing your colourful ones in the collage above has made me change my mind.
    The tailored tux jacket looks great on you but I think would be too long for me. Pity. I like it and the sale price is very enticing.

  4. 6th February 2020 / 17:06

    Thank you for your comment. By your description I think you would look good in the shorter length Chanel style jacket maybe the ones without buttons. I have selected quite a few that fit this description in the images below the post that might work for you.

    best wishes


    • 8th February 2020 / 15:58

      I have worn – Chanel type jackets in the past but never felt really comfortable in them. Prefer the classic blazer to hide my slightly protruding tum, even though I like the fitted blazer rather than the looser ones. Have lost weight and now take a size 8 rather than my previous size 12. Most of my old favourites no longer fit!!

  5. 8th February 2020 / 16:01

    Meant to say “Thank you” for the advice but my comment was posted inadvertently!!

  6. 13th April 2021 / 19:49

    I completely agree with your philosophy of collecting high quality basic pieces as the foundation of a wardrobe. My mother instilled this in me since childhood, and she was one of the most chic and well dressed ladies on the planet. She rarely wore anything trendy but always had a more subdued classy style that was timeless. Since all of her pieces were quality and she took such great care of them they lasted a lifetime and beyond. I inherited her coat collection, some of which are from the 40’s and 50’s (loving the swing coats), and will probably never need to buy another coat! I’m hoping my adult daughter will eventually appreciate them as much as I do.

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