Tricky time of year style wise Combining neutrals.

Grey and navy outfit

February is a very tricky time of year style wise. In the northern hemisphere, it is still cold and dark. I have just added a pair of Moonboots to my wardrobe as it is about to snow and I realised that I don’t have a pair of waterproof boots.

We are all a bit bored of our dark neutrals or at least I am. So I thought that I would give myself a wardrobe challenge.

To mix my neutrals

Grey/navy details: Grey longline cardicoat MarksandSpencer / Necklace MarksandSpencer / Navy tie neck blouse Baukjen / Grey scarf JohnLewis&Partners / Navy handbag Hush / Grey sweater Baukjen / Grey leather gloves MarksandSpencer / Navy casual trousers Baukjen / Navy pumps MarksandSpencer / Navy lace-up ankle boots JohnLewis&Partners.

My normal format for putting together an outfit is to use my neutrals such as navy, black and grey as basics and then add a splash of colour with a brightly coloured top or colourful accessories such as a scarf or a piece of jewellery.

I have been looking through some of my older posts under the leading Style Inspiration. Generally my above format seems to hold true. However, I think I can get more mileage from my wardrobe by mixing up my neutrals. Below are a couple of examples of previous experiments.

I have included khaki as a basic neutral. If you have warm-toned colouring you can add rusts, warm greys and navies (yes they do exist).

I decided to do a warm-toned colour palette combining navy with brown, tan and rust hues for my readers who prefer this colour palette. I am aware that I mostly feature cool-toned colours on this blog as those are the colours that I find the most flattering with my hair and skin tone. This season browns, rusts and oranges are very much in fashion so there should be a good selection in the shops.

Brown and navy outfit combinations

Brown/navy mix details: Classic brown coat MarksandSpencer / Tortoiseshell necklace MarksandSpencer / Burnt orange sweater Me&Em / Navy/rust scarf JohnLewis&Partners / Ankle boots Boden / Classic navy trousers MarksandSpencer / Tan shoulder bag Boden / Brown leather strap watch JohnLewis&Partners / Tan knee-high boots JohnLewis&Partners.

Top two photos by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. Marguerite
    1st February 2019 / 15:09

    Josephine, I’d love to see you do a post each month about what you would wear during that month. Colors, fabrics, layers and accessories appropriate for the seasonal weather. I’ll be in London first of March for a week of holiday. I would find a guide for packing most helpful, especially from a local! Thank you!

    • 1st February 2019 / 16:20

      Hi Marguerite

      I will do my best but it is tricky. Last year it was freezing and we had snow at the beginning of March. I have just done a photoshoot this morning in the cold and rain which I will be posting soon.

      I would always suggest layers. Uniqlo is a good place for thermal vests, packable puffer coats and waistcoats.

      best wishes


  2. Suzanne Lagle
    1st February 2019 / 18:09

    Hi from NYC suburbs ! Woke up yesterday and we had a reading of -1.5 Fahrenheit. We here in the US are experiencing the Polar Vortex…. Brr. You look great…love the navy, rust and orange combo for a change.

  3. Angela
    1st February 2019 / 22:18

    Last Southern Hemisphere winter I found that my light grey coat was the most versatile neutral in my wardrobe. Desperate to try tan for my cool tone colouring, I wore oxford shoes and a bag with the grey and it was a great success. I’ve just bought a mid green wool scarf in a closing down sale to add to the outfit this coming winter.
    Would it be terribly mean to tell you we’ve been having 32°C+ (90F) temperatures here in NZ and are moaning about it being too hot? Linen shift dresses have been my salvation!

    • 4th February 2019 / 16:54

      Hi Angela
      Sounds like an interesting colour combination I must try it.

  4. Anon
    3rd February 2019 / 16:15

    It is -27°C here today, with a wind chill of -40°C. We call it “winter”. It happens every year. Now is the time for parkas, scarves, big mitts, toques and Sorels, on top of long undewear, warm clothes and snow pants. It’s the time of year when looking warm is the only consideration.

  5. Lizette
    4th February 2019 / 16:23

    Last February I “discovered” that it’s still cold winter, but as the days get longer I want to wear new colours. I collected some warm and cozy items in soft aqua that go with all my capsule navy winter clothes. It changes things up a bit for the end of winter. Yesterday I brought out this aqua bundle that I had stored away over the olive/rust fall and the sparkley red holidays. Now I have all new aqua outfits to wear, right out of the closet. Thanks for your inspiration!

    • 4th February 2019 / 16:40

      Sounds like a lovely combination and very organised.

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