Trends in St. Tropez market

I had a wonderful wander round St. Tropez market yesterday morning. Have not done that for ages. I bought a few lavender bags for my newly tidied draws and a scarf which I will talk about later. What kept catching my eye were paillettes. They seemed to be the flavour of the season. Little sparkly glinty dots of silver or gold. They could be found on boots, bags, sweaters, jackets, you name it and there were paillettes on it. I took some photos (despite the strong sunlight).Take a look. What do you think? Love them or hate them?

Studs on boots and bags – Very St. Tropez

I spied these very sparkly jackets hanging in a stall in the market. Could look very elegant if worn on top of plain black, navy or grey. I have a lovely vintage one back in London. Must remember to dig it out.

Could look very elegant. I like the chiffon sleeves
My token concession to the “paillette” craze. A scarf
Detail of scarf. Can be worn with jeans or in the evening

To something a bit more subtle – Taupe mixed with beige again

Definitely hanker after these grey ballerines – and not a bad price

A treasure trove of very St. Tropez jewellery

Could not resist they had 50% reduction
The hallowed precincts that is the Chanel boutique in St. Tropez. Maybe you have to know somebody to be allowed in!
Back to very rainy London tomorrow. 
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  1. 27th September 2012 / 17:32

    I love paillettes, especially for daytime wear, but then I am a bit of a magpie in terms of my gravitation towards sparkly bits. I like your take on paillettes!

  2. 28th September 2012 / 01:24

    Loving that gray/taupe combination. I wouldn’t have thought of combining the two but it definitely works. Cute gray suede ballerinas too! And I’m with you about the sparkles. Keeping it to a scarf was a good move I think!

  3. 28th September 2012 / 20:58

    There is nothing quite so appealing as a little bit of sparkle. But for most of us, a little bit goes a long way!

    J’adore these gorgeous silvery greys and taupes. So flattering, so feminine, and always classic.

  4. Catherine
    29th September 2012 / 07:07

    I do think sequins have to be approached with caution at any age. (The French word ‘paillettes’ is so much more sophisticated, don’t you think?). I think you hit the nail on the head when you said yours were vintage. There is something about the sparkle of modern sequins that is just a bit too bling for my taste, whereas vintage sequins have an allure of their own – I too shall be sticking to my 1960s vintage sequins this year.

    When in doubt I ask myself ‘would Catherine Deneuve wear that?’ – that usually keeps me on the right side of vulgar!

  5. Caroline
    29th September 2012 / 15:24

    love the studded wellies- studs are obviously the thing this autumn….
    noticed them in Zara in Regent street. On shoes, boots, shirts and more….

  6. 1st October 2012 / 06:55

    I don’t like sparkly, glittery clothes much – the only items with sparkles I have are scarves. I think sparkles look nice on teenagers but they are not for me – though I might consider some sparkly shoes for Christmas 🙂

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