Travel comfortably transitioning cold/hot climates

Travel comfortably transitioning cold/hot climates

Travel comfortably transitioning cold/hot climates. When travelling from a cool destination to a hot one, or vice versa, is always a sartorial dilemma. Either you start your journey freezing cold or walk down the airplane steps on arrival and break out into a hot sweat before you reach the tarmac. I think I might have found a way to solve this problem………..

Details of Above:

Ethnic bracelet // Blue dress many years old by Sofie D/Hoore new version similar // pom pom hat // navy trousers/jumpsuit // silver sandals // Instant mineral SPF45 powder// Mac lipstick

On my recent trip from London to Nice I used the tried and tested theory of layers. Here is the story. My primary aim was to travel comfortably between different climates. I started early in the morning (about 6.00 am). My lovely husband kindly gave me a lift to Gatwick airport. I was wearing my Hope roll top trousers under a cotton dress. This dress has been one of my favourites for many years, see how I styled it on a trip to Morocco in 2014. I had one of my Indian embroidered wool shawls round my shoulders, hat on head and comfortable flat silver sandals on my feet.  I always carry my mineral powder SPF 45 with me at all times for emergency touch ups, especially on my nose.

About two hours later I arrive in Nice. There is a heatwave and the temperature is over 32 degrees (about 90f) and humid. This is what I did as soon as I had got through passport control I went to the “ladies room” took the trousers off, rolled them up and put them in my holdall along with my wool shawl. Et Voila – A cool cotton knee length dress, hat on head and sunglasses I was ready to catch my bus for the next part of my journey. A coolish breeze blowing round my legs.

I have loved my navy cotton dress for so long. It is by Sofie D’Hoore and I bought it from Fenwick (they still stock the brand but unfortunately they do not offer online shopping). I did some research and found that the brand is stocked at Nordstrom and Farfetch. Sofie D’Hoore at Nordstrom  and a wider selection at Farfetch. It is an expensive range however I can vouch for the quality and the longevity. I must have had my dress for over 10 years. It washes and irons well and I still love it.

I bought my Indian embroidered wrap on a trip to India in 1999. I discovered a wide range of similar at Etsy

If you have any useful tips on how to travel comfortably transitioning from cold to hot climates or vice versa do share.


Here is how it works in practice (with and without trousers):

Travelling from cold to warm climate

Yes I really did make the last leg of my journey from Nice Airport to Grimaud Village on “Le Petit Train”. The small tourist train that travels between Grimaud and Port Grimaud four times a day. An added bonus was that I learned several interesting facts about the history of our village during the 30 minute journey.

Travelling comfortably in the heat

PS. Talking of cold climates and planning ahead for Autumn The Nordstrom Anniversary sale Early Access starts this Wednesday you might like to get prepared and check out their Anniversary Sale catalog. Pop back on wednesday when I will be sharing a selection of my favourites. 


  1. Wendy
    10th July 2017 / 18:58

    Not so keen on the dress on its own (very plain) BUT it looks fantastic with the trousers!! I don’t often comment but can I just take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy your blog? It’s one of my favorites. Love that you put so much of yourself into it and the French stuff is always really interesting.

    • 11th July 2017 / 08:56

      Hi Wendy
      Yes I rather agree that the dress needs some vibrantly coloured accessories to lift it. The post was really just to illustrate how you can be creative and think outside the box when travelling between different climates. Really glad that you like my blog and I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    11th July 2017 / 23:17


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