Capsule travelling wardrobe – Part 3

This is the last in the series of posts regarding the very limited capsule wardrobe I put together for my recent trip. Hand luggage only for 6 days.

I took a plain navy long sleeve cotton dress, which I wore on it’s own during the day. Then when it got a bit chillier (we were high up in the Atlas mountains) I layered it up with a white T shirt and black trousers.

The trousers I wore day and evening either with a simple T shirt and navy cardigan (I often combine navy with black) or a cream silk shirt and warm pashmina for the evening.





Capsule travelling wardrobe
Capsule wardrobe


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  1. 24th March 2014 / 18:00

    Very nicely done! I like to travel with similar pieces. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. 24th March 2014 / 21:02

    I’m really impressed with how you’ve combined the pieces in your travel capsule. Love the dress over the pants.

  3. 24th March 2014 / 23:36

    Looks terrific. I love navy with black. It looks so sophisticated. I’ve had my fair share of feedburner and other technical blunders lately. That’s what I get for acting as my own technical wizard!

  4. 25th March 2014 / 12:50

    Very nicely done. I would have never thought to combine navy with black but it works splendidly. What a lovely place to visit and also to get away from a harsh winter.

  5. stylecrone
    25th March 2014 / 13:49

    Genius! You are a master packer, and look gorgeous in your travel ensemble.

  6. 25th March 2014 / 13:58

    I love the idea of pants under the chambray dress. I bought a chambray dress last fall and wore it once with leggings underneath, but I never considered pants. Thats a good idea.

  7. PamelaG
    25th March 2014 / 18:44

    An amazing capsule wardrobe. I would have loved to see how you managed to pack it to fit in a carryon. I am terrible at packing and would love to be able to accomplish what you have done!!!

    • 25th March 2014 / 19:13

      Hi Pamela I mostly use the rolling up trick and stuff everything inside each other i.e. underwear & socks into shoes. In fact my husbands carryon was bigger than mine and he did not wear half his stuff. Also I always travel in layers and my heaviest shoes. I have a bad shoulder so in fact carrying anything heavy is not easy for me.

  8. Kathleen
    25th March 2014 / 23:29

    Wow. Thanks to the links over at Deja Pseu’s , I’ve discovered your blog and terrifically practical, simple, and elegant travel ensembles. I also love the idea of navy (including denim) and black, and the denim dress/tunic is genius. I would have to substitute a grey t shirt instead of white because a white shirt always instantly attracts shmutz on me :P.

  9. Kris
    26th March 2014 / 15:51

    Are your pants a knit? I am looking for comfortable, but slim knit pants for an upcoming trip.

  10. 26th March 2014 / 16:48

    Hi Kris No they are a polyamide/elastane mix. They hardly take up any room in a suitcase and don’t crease. A viscose would also be good.

  11. 28th March 2014 / 00:47

    Lovely outfits! Somewhere in your blog I read that you recommend a white shirt. I was wondering if you recommend it in cotton, silk or other material ? You have a great blog!

  12. 28th March 2014 / 07:32

    Hi Angela In answer to your question on white shirts. I think it depends on your lifestyle and the occasion. I love silk but it can be high maintenance. I would say cotton or linen if you are visiting a very hot country. However I found my cream polyester one very useful on my recent trip. It is wash and wear with no ironing.

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