The best white T-shirts

The best white T-shirts

I don’t know about you but I find it very difficult to find a good quality white tee at a reasonable price. One that fits well and keeps its shape after washing. It is not an item I want to spend a lot of money on. They generally don’t last longer than one season and with my luck, I seem to get either grease or food spots on them. I could probably point the finger for this on my three small grandsons but this would not be justified as it is often my own clumsiness that causes the problem.

Following an interesting article in The Daily Mail I decided to do some research for myself and test out several white tees available on the high street.

The best white T-shirts

The tee above by MarksandSpencer came out tops at only £6.50. I really like the 3/4 length sleeves, which covered the worst part of my arms yet still looks summery. Good for wearing on its own or layering.

The best white T-shirts

I have had this style white tee by Uniqlo for just over a year now and it is still going strong. Again I like the longer sleeves and it has washed well.

The best white T-shirts

The tee above is by People tree. It feels very soft due to the high quality organic cotton and I like the brand’s commitment to manufacturing in a sustainable way. I plan to wear this tee when it is really hot or alternatively under a v neck sweater. The colour is more ivory than pure white.

The best white T-shirts

This tee by Oasis had a good report in the Daily Mail. I have not personally tried this. It looks a bit skinny to me. I might use it as an underneath layer.

The best white T-shirts

I ordered the above tee by Autograph at MarksandSpencer. It is good quality cotton but I felt that it was too boxy for my figure shape so it was returned. I felt that it was more like a white top than a tee.

Do you have any good white tees that you would recommend?


  1. Wanda
    11th May 2018 / 15:12

    I really enjoy your blog. Very helpful in styling my clothing. Thank you.

  2. Susan
    11th May 2018 / 15:18

    Are there basic white tees that are available in the U.S. that you know of?

    • 11th May 2018 / 17:18

      Hi Susan
      I will check it out but would not be able to road test them. Uniqlo in the US should have the one I recommend. Mine is in its second year and still going strong.

    • Dyna
      11th May 2018 / 19:56

      Lands End has a good selection….

    • Susan Harper
      11th May 2018 / 15:59

      Yes, yes, yes!

  3. Eirlys
    11th May 2018 / 15:31

    Agree. My white T-shirts last only a season but I don’t mind! I buy ones with a V neck and often find some in the Edinburgh Wool Shop and Marks. Have the odd silky black T shirt also V necked. These are great for layering and for packing : no ironing!

  4. Pauline
    11th May 2018 / 16:19

    Thanks for the ideas I find it very difficult to find any nice t.shirts not just white, Ilike the slightly longer sleeves and a more fitted body shape. I always used to have M&S ones but I hav’nt found any in stores yet that are right.perhaps they have them on line(also profer ivory to white)

    • 11th May 2018 / 17:26

      Hi Pauline
      I never seem to find anything in the M&S stores I have much more luck shopping on line and their delivery service is very efficient. I don’t think they do ivory. My People tree one is a light ivory and very nice coton. A bit more expensive.

  5. Brigitte Aubrey
    11th May 2018 / 16:49

    It seems to be impossible to get nice T-shirts! I bought the white M&S T-shirt, first photo, about a year ago. As it is 100% cotton it loses its shape a bit. I too like my T-shirts slightly fitted, sleeves not too short and with a scoop neck. I shall try the Uniqlo one, I have a number of their thermal ones and they are very nice.
    I am afraid I cannot suggest any good Tshirts otherwise.

    • 11th May 2018 / 17:22

      Hi Brigitte
      I think this year’s M&S tee shirts are slightly improved, you are correct they did go off. I have just washed mine and it seems to be OK. Have not ironed or worn it yet though.

  6. Christine
    11th May 2018 / 16:52

    This is another holy grail like the well fitting jeans. White t-shirts are not what they used to be. I recently purchased one from LandsEnd that is passable. Not of the quality they used to be like so many other makes but OK. Some I have purchased and one wash and they have stretched and looked like a piece or rag.

    I don’t always comment but always enjoy your blog and your styling tips.

    • 11th May 2018 / 17:20

      Hi Christine
      I am still working on the jeans issue to replace my old NYDJ ones but still no luck. The fabrics all seem to be so thin.

  7. Eleni
    11th May 2018 / 17:21

    I can’t seem to find “the perfect white T-shirt” Most of the ones I see are way too long and the neck never seems to fit right. I keep looking. Thanks for the samples in your Blog.

  8. Marguerite Krenek
    11th May 2018 / 19:08

    Hi Josephine! I’ve been wearing LL Bean brand tees for a while. I like the Pima cotton as it is silky smooth. The regular cotton is thicker but both launder well for me. The customer service is great too!

  9. Sandra Hooker
    12th May 2018 / 11:20

    I’m finding it almost impossible to find V-neck tees in M&S. They have lots of lovely colours in high necks but hardly any in Vs. !!

  10. jenny
    16th May 2018 / 13:57

    Been on holiday so this is a very late addition to your blog about white T-shirts which I have loads of. I gave up on the M&S ones years ago.

    I second the recommendation for the Uniqlo Supima ones, lovely soft cotton, they wash well and last and last. In the winter I tumble dry them and they don’t need ironing, I mostly like the 3/4 length sleeves with the scoop neck, occasionally I wear the mens short sleeve ones. Having moved out of London (where the Uniqlo stores seem to be based) I get mine on mail order (at £9.99) and they do pre-paid returns which is always a bonus.

  11. jenny
    16th May 2018 / 14:08

    PS: if you are doing a blog on jeans: I highly recommend Laurie jeans and trousers (available online). Extremely flattering, easycare, no zips or buttons to bulge or pinch, unbelievably stretchy and supremely comfortable – truly wonderful trousers. I have multiple pairs!

    • 16th May 2018 / 16:14

      Thanks for your recommendation for the jeans. I will check them out. I have tried a few recently and they have been very comfortable but tend to look more like leggings than jeans. I can’t seem to find a classic denim pair that is comfy and look like jeans like my old NYDJ ones.

  12. closetplayimage
    16th May 2018 / 22:32

    I struggle with white tees, myself, and blaming the grands sound like a fabulous excuse! I find considering white tees to be a one season wonder the best strategy to prevent disappointment. Not very sustainable, but realistic for my messy habits. Although cooking and eating with an apron on has been helping…

    • jenny
      17th May 2018 / 12:49

      Oh, such good idea – eating with an apron on …. (Thinks – why didn’t I think of that?)

      • 17th May 2018 / 12:58

        I normally wear an apron when I am eating my lunch. Not in the evening when we have a more formal diner.

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