Sporty l​oo​k for casual daywear

Have you noticed that sports clothes have come out of the closet and are not solely being worn in the gym? The word athleisure wear has been created, by whom and when I am not sure. Wikipedia describes it “Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions”.

Sporty look for casual daywear

Is it a trend you have embraced or something that you avoid; considering it too casual and in the category of “I can’t be bothered”?

It has crept up on me and several items that could be construed as athleisure wear have infiltrated my wardrobe. MeandEm has always been at the forefront of this trend. I bought the trousers I am wearing about three years ago. They still offer an excellent range.

Side stripe trousers:

One new piece that I have added to my wardrobe recently is this casual herringbone hoody from MeandEm. Unfortunately now out of stock. Here are some similar.

Athleisure wear tops:

No, I am not really jogging, just pretending to. I prefer pilates, cycling and bouncing on my rebounder to keep fit. It was also a chilly day so I was trying to keep warm. However, this outfit would be great for a brisk walk in early Spring. It would also be a comfortable outfit to travel in. In fact I might wear it for my flight to Nice next week.

A scarf adds a touch more glamour and formality. It is also another layer to keep you warm especially in a chilly aircraft cabin where the temperatures are boiling one minute and freezing the next.

All photographs taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


  1. 8th March 2019 / 15:17

    I must be honest. I am not a lover of tracksuits. I was tempted over a year ago to buy a navy outfit with plain tracksuit bottoms and an embroidered track suit “jacket”. I haven’t worn it once!
    You look great in yours and I like your idea of adding a scarf.

    • 8th March 2019 / 16:03

      I think that this looks best if you break it up a bit. Not sure matching works. Am having difficulty imagining an embroidered track suit jacket. Have never come across one.

  2. Wendy in York
    8th March 2019 / 15:30

    Such a contrast to your previous post on Dior – a different world . It really illustrates the sways of fashion . I know many women prefer a more feminine look but I like it & it’s very youthful . Too much effort nowadays & it puts years on us . Comfy too !

    • 8th March 2019 / 16:05

      So true Wendy the world has changed. I can’t imagine wearing “the new look” on the London underground. I think you would need a chauffeur to go with it. I definitely go for comfy and practical these days.

  3. Brigitte Aubrey
    8th March 2019 / 15:37

    I always love your posts and I always read them. I guess I would prefer the Dior look but must admit that I am almost always in trousers because it is so much more practical but I do not like to wear gym wear no matter how fashionable it might be. I remember some years ago when people used to wear shell suits, how dreadful was that!

    • 8th March 2019 / 16:06

      You are right Brigitte the shell suits were horrendous. I think today it is maybe adding just a touch of casual to a look.

  4. 8th March 2019 / 15:55

    Just a thought! I have reached the point where I now count the number of women NOT wearing trousers!! I have given in and joined the trouser brigade.: warm, easy to wear, no tights……..

  5. 8th March 2019 / 16:10

    Maybe because I live in London I haven’t seen many women in skirts for a while. Most ages seem to be in trousers unless it is a midi skirt. Definitely trousers are my everyday look.

  6. Sara
    8th March 2019 / 17:27

    I’m with those who find it hard to see athleisure as anything other than a slightly new take on – yes- the dreaded shellsuit! Sorry, but clothes that are essentially for exercise do lack that je ne sais quoi of other casual clothing. I don’t think the age of the wearer is at all the issue as I think they look equally unappealing on young women. I am a great believer in comfort alongside style but with elastane so much part of many, many clothes, comfort is quite easy to come by without sacrificing style. Are we in danger of adopting this look because it is all over the shops, online sites, magazines? Back to the comment about fashion being ephemeral and style eternal………….
    I shall continue to covet Me +Em’s AM-PM cigarette trousers with the lovely self coloured side stripe!
    Good thing that we don’t all think alike, though.

    • 8th March 2019 / 18:02

      My stripe trousers are from MeandEm I think that they interprete this look well they use good fabric and look smart and not as if you should be off to the gym. However I acknowledge that this look is not for everyone

  7. Elizabeth O'Rourke
    8th March 2019 / 17:43

    I have never been one to do what everyone else does so although I do wear trousers I do like wearing dresses and skirts. I also think gym clothes should stay in the gym. Elizabeth

  8. Kelly
    8th March 2019 / 18:24

    I’m not a fan of athletic wear in public, and I always appreciate people who dress in a way that elevates whatever occasion, even running errands. But then, I’ve always been a bit of a dinosaur. I would wear skirts/dresses nearly all the time if I could find any that were suitable — it seems like they’re all made for sitting behind a desk or going to a party. I’m a stay-at-home mom with several children, so I need my clothes to be practical and comfortable. I crave the kinds of things my grandmothers wore when they were young moms in the 40s and 50s!

    • 9th March 2019 / 15:32

      Hi Kelly
      Sounds like you might find style that you like in vintage shops.

  9. Angela in NZ
    8th March 2019 / 19:17

    For me it’s the stripe down the pants that’s off putting. Too much emphasis on “Ath” rather than on “Leisure”.

  10. Meredith
    8th March 2019 / 20:11

    Would love to hear about rebounding for exercise sometime. Thanks

    • 9th March 2019 / 15:27

      Hi Meredith
      If I manage to learn how to make videos I will make one of me rebounding. It is great fun. You can find lots of videos on Youtube.

  11. Senior Mates
    14th March 2019 / 15:39

    Yes, workout wear became fashionable and this is something I enjoy since I wear workout clothes everyday. Spory clothing is comfy and trendy.

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