Simple accessories to jazz up your outfits

Simple accessories to jazz up your outfits

During my recent visits to St.Tropez market, I noticed that quite a few stalls were selling fun and reasonably priced jewellery and accessories. So I decided to look online and see if I could find some simple accessories to jazz up your outfits.

Details of above:

Textured oval drop earrings JohnLewis&Partners || Animal print belt MarksandSpencer || Drop earrings MarksandSpencer.

Green drop earrings J.Crew || Blue headband MarksandSpencer || Pink fabric drop earrings MarksandSpencer.

Jewelled cluster necklace Boden || Green hoop earrings Boden || Crystal scarf necklace Anthropologie.

I think that with the rising cost of living we are all becoming very conscious of how we spend our money. I know I am. So going forward I intend to get the most out of my existing wardrobe and come up with creative ideas of how to re-invent what I already own. I have a few items that I know will need replacing this autumn/winter such as my puffer coat which is beginning to look very tired.

Having said that I think that we will all need some cheering up so adding a few fun accessories should help.

Simple accessories to jazz up your outfits:

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  1. Francesca B
    9th October 2022 / 23:39

    Thank you for the post Josephine. I bought the green John Lewis earrings they look so perfect for Christmas. You have such a good eye; l bought a pair of silver/amber ones from John Lewis you recommended last year and l always get compliments on them. Happy week 🙂

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