Scarves add colour and update your look

Scarves add colour and update your look

Scarves l love them all wool, silk, cotton even viscose and occasionally good quality polyester.

I love all scarves long, short, oblong, square, large, and small. They all have a place in my wardrobe.

I am not a great believer in constant consumption. I currently have enough clothes in my wardrobe to cover most occasions. I do believe in adding a few items to update my staples. I will often choose a couple of this seasons “on trend” colours, provided of course that they flatter my colouring.

Accessories are another matter, especially scarves. I am a Magpie when it comes to scarves. I am lucky that I have the opportunity to buy some of mine in St. Tropez market when I am in France. There are however many sources on the internet that offer a good selection of scarves such as Nordstrom, Etsy, Hobbs, Boden and Talbots.

Even when I do a wardrobe edit I rarely chuck out a scarf. I like to rotate them. I may have favourites that I go to for a few weeks or months. Some are seasonal such as the heavier wools and the fine cotton ones. These are carefully stored when out of season.

Scarves are a real joy. A scarf is an easy way to add a flattering colour near your face. It can help to adapt an item in your wardrobe that is no longer a flattering colour due to changes in skin and hair tone.

A scarf adds a very personal touch to an outfit so it is important that it suits your complexion and reflects your personal style.

I am lucky in that I have a long neck so can wear most styles. If you have a shorter neck I would suggest choosing a less bulky scarf and tying it lower thus creating a V.

I always take at least a couple of scarves when I am travelling. See my travel capsule wardrobe for Paris.

Etsy is an excellent source of silk scarves however the choice is so wide that it can take time to find the one you like.



  1. Margo
    19th February 2018 / 09:20

    Good morning Josephine. What an appropriate post. I adore scarves too. Would you think of doing a post on how to tie them? I know there are some on the internet but your more down to earth way of showing things would be great. I am off to New York on a flying visit for two days but my plan is to try to do a bit of scarf shopping there. I will study your suggestions when I get back too


    • 19th February 2018 / 12:40

      Hi Margo
      I am working on demonstrating some scarf ties. I just need to learn how to do videos and upload them which is a steep learning curve so bear with me.

  2. 19th February 2018 / 11:32

    Thank you for this post, it is good to know I am not the only scarf hoarder! My ‘collection’ has been acquired over the years and from many different sources. In addition to being useful, my scarves remind me of people, places and events each time I wear them.

    • 19th February 2018 / 12:38

      I agree Chris I have scarves with memories. I have a lovely red silk one that I bought in San Francisco nearly 30 years ago.

  3. Lynda Banister
    19th February 2018 / 14:17

    I love scarves too. I was quite upset when I lost one that I’d had about 20 years. I bought a real pashmina 15 years ago from Tie Rack and I had to take a deep breath to pay £50 for it. I still use it;it can be washed by hand and rolled in a towel to dry naturally.
    I wash and put away the thicker, darker coloured ones in the Spring. As a person who is alternately hot and cold I don’t know what I’d do without one when away from home. As you say you can add some ‘trendy’ colours in the pattern of a scarf that you would not wear a top in, like mustard.
    I do find scarves irresistible, especially on holiday as a useful and inexpensive souvenir.

  4. Theresa
    19th February 2018 / 14:42

    Hi Josephine,
    I do love your news and today’s contribution on scarves is terrific. I thought I was the only woman who hoarders scarves, as I love them and I have dozens going back many years, in all colours & fabrics. You are such an inspiration,
    always elegant & chic- more please!
    With best wishes, Theresa

  5. 19th February 2018 / 15:00

    I truly don’t think I ever leave the house without a scarf! Just love them. And, I’ve always tried to wear high necklines and don’t like anything lowcut in front…never have…so scarves are SO perfect. Ann Taylor (here) has had some wonderful large scarves with just the right amount of tassels at each end. But some of my long time favorites have been from Target. You never know and for those of us who love shopping (!) it’s a perfect accessory.

    • 19th February 2018 / 15:50

      Thanks Libby. I will take a look at Ann Taylor

  6. Valerie Hough
    19th February 2018 / 15:06

    I too love scarves! Like you they remind me of places and people and I have a huge collection! I paid a fortune for my first real pashmina over £100 at the Country Living Fair in London a pale apricot colour which I wore with a plain black silk trouser suit to the Oxo Tower for a meal that evening with my daughter! Ah memories are a blessing! Many thanks for your blog!
    Love Val

  7. Barbara
    19th February 2018 / 15:08

    I bought my first scarf in 1970 from an Edinburgh Boutique called Stella Nova. It was Christian Dior – white background with navy and spring green geometric flashes. I still have it and wear it. And its longevity has justified innumerable scarf purchases since then, including one of your new season scarves. It is delightful to know that there is a community of similarly minded women.

    • 19th February 2018 / 15:52

      I agree Barbara. I am delighted to know that I am not alone in loving scarves and that many of my lovely readers also love them.

  8. Lynn
    19th February 2018 / 19:29

    Hi Josephine, it’s good to know I am not alone in my passion for collecting scarfs. They have been collected over many years, some do have memories. A pale blue one with lovely butterflies on was sent to me last year from my lifelong friend in Canada, who sadly passed away in December, this one will always have a special place in my collection. My son brought me two lovely silk ones from China, on a recent business trip, and when I go on holiday I always seem to come home with a scarf. The problem is I am running out of space to keep them. I have some hooks on the end of my wardrobe, which are great for the ones I am wearing at the moment, but they do get overloaded, and when my husband starts to complain that they are sticking out too much, I know it is time to sort them.

  9. Deirdre Smirh
    19th February 2018 / 19:52

    Hi , I’m a scarf lover too, I feel so chic when I wear a scarf. How do you store your scarves? On hangers or on a shelf? Sometimes I get one out and it is so creased they I done wear it, annoying!

    • 20th February 2018 / 11:46

      Hi Deirdre
      Good question. I have one of those hanging shoe storing shelves in my wardrobe. I fold and roll all my wool scarves (in winter) and cotton scarves (in Summer) and store them in the compartments. The larger pashminas and shawls I also roll and store and stand them upright in deep draws. My delicate silk scarves I also roll and store the in shallow draws. They do tend to get a bit creased. Either I give them a quick iron or sometimes when they are folded and tied the creases do not show. At some stage I might be able to take some photos of how I store them.

  10. 19th February 2018 / 21:23

    I love to wear them to brighten a dark coat, or neutral raincoat or jacket. I used to have a fine animal print square that beautifully livened up a short black jacket…

  11. 22nd February 2018 / 12:39

    Josephine, what bountiful and gorgeous eye candy! Thank you for this post.

    I, too, am a scarf and shawl magpie (love your word choice) and have dozens. Many were gifts from my dear husband who loved to shop for me at Hermes, an activity I heartily encouraged. 🙂 (Thank you, sweetheart!)

    I think of my scarves and shawls in the same category as jewelry, because they’re decorative and precious in the same ways.

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