Parisian style report

Parisian style report

One of the aspects I love about blogging is meeting up with fellow bloggers and whiling away the time sitting in cafes “people watching”. Susan of Unefemme and I taking a break from window shopping and enjoying a cup of coffee at Les Deux Magots. I am wearing my navy shirt dress part of my Paris capsule wardrobe.

Parisian style report

The archetypical French waiter. However not the usual churlish characteristics. He was charming and took the photo of Susan and I.

Parisian style report

It was interesting to notice that Parisian women seem to have finally started to embrace the fuller more voluminous silhouette. The lady on the left appears to be wearing a dress over leggings, a look I often adopt. The woman bottom right has chosen a pair of ankle length wide trousers. I like the way she has balanced the trousers with a slim fitting wrap top.  Flats seem to be the most popular style of footwear. Many women were wearing trainers similar to the ones I tend to favour.

Parisian style report

Many Parisian women wearing dresses and I saw similar styles in the shop windows. Stripes also seemed to be popular.

Parisians do love their neutrals and for summer, beige, cream and white were very much in evidence. These tones wre often teamed with khaki and mustard. Good examples in the images above and below. Again the more voluminous fluid silhouette was popular.

Parisian style report

I have not seen the yellow and mustard shades in evidence for some years. This season they were definitely having a moment in the spotlight.

Parisian style report

Love the hats but then I am a hat fan.

Parisian flower shop

No need to talk about the glorious flower shops around nearly every corner. They speak for themselves.


  1. Viv Butler
    26th June 2018 / 14:37

    Oh, the hats ! How many did you buy Josephine! ?

    • 27th June 2018 / 10:38

      Hi Viv
      I agree the hats were absolutely gorgeous. Luckily for my credit card the shop was closed when I took the photos otherwise I would have been very tempted.

  2. Ariss
    26th June 2018 / 17:06

    Those hats are lovely! I would love one. They’re hard to find here

    • 27th June 2018 / 10:39

      Hi Ariss
      Not sure where you live but Etsy have some good ones and they do ship globally.

  3. Anon
    26th June 2018 / 18:09

    And such an iconic endroit to stop for un café. Lovely.

  4. Christi
    27th June 2018 / 03:18

    The waiter is adorable! And the flowers…
    Looks lke the two of you had a grand time!

  5. edebock
    30th June 2018 / 21:24

    How fun to go window shopping with you!

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

  6. Tess
    5th July 2018 / 17:57

    Looks like you’re at Deux Magots, not Cafe Flore. Which do you like better?

    • 5th July 2018 / 18:13

      Hi Tess
      Well spotted. Silly mistake. I like both but Deux Magots is better for people watching.

      • Tess
        6th July 2018 / 17:38


        Thanks. I like Deux Magots for the same reason, and I usually have coffee and croissant there each morning as I read the papers, plan my day, and watch people go by. Related to that, though, I have a question that I also posted to Susan:

        Hello Susan,

        I enjoyed the picture of you and Josephine at Deux Magots, as well as your other pictures enjoying the cafes in Paris. It made me think of a question, though, that’s been bothering me for a while. What is proper cafe etiquette for enjoying a relaxed time at your table? I’ve seen Parisians linger at tables for more than 2-3 hours after just a cup of coffee, and stay and read or even play cards after they have finished lunch. If I’m staying a while, I’ll usually order a couple of other things over time, like a croissant and mineral water, and I try not to linger into lunch time or overstay lunch time. But I’ve been accosted–by non-Parisians at Deux Magots: among them, American couples complaining loudly that “this crowd has been here forever”, millenials trying to co-opt my table, and an English woman who upbraided me for “taking up too much room” as I was checking my list after lunch. (I was at a regular table, but the previous occupants had pulled up a few stools since the table was against the wall and they only had coffee. This woman obviously wanted my outdoor table on a beautiful afternoon, so I stayed just long enough for her to get permanently settled inside.) Have you seen this happen or is it just me? Do you think they do it because I’m obviously an older American woman traveling alone and look bulliable? Is it just Deux Magots because it is famous and every tourist wants to have lunch there? Do you have any advice?



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