Out of date make-up and health hazards

I must confess that I am very bad about throwing out my old make up. Probably for four reasons:-

  1. It may have cost quite a lot to purchase in the first place
  2. It may have become an old friend and has now been discontinued
  3. I bought it on impulse and even though it does not suit me I still hang on to it.
  4. My inner critic thinks it is just a marketing ploy to get me to buy more stuff.
However I am beginning to think that there is some truth in it. Recently my daughter got a bad eye infection which she reckoned was due to an old eye pencil she was using. So I decided to get tough and riffle through my rather bursting at the seams make-up box. I use one of those handy tool boxes. You can buy them in any hardware store. They are very cheap and have lots of those lovely little compartments which are so useful for keeping all your bits and pieces tidy.
You can find similar ones on Artists tool box on Amazon

I quite fancy these  Coloured boxes on ebay

Some frequently asked questions and answers on the subject here, and if you are in doubt about the expiry date of your make up you can Check expiry date at cosmetic.net here . They do not seem to cover all brands but do include most of the major ones.

An article and video I came across in the Huffington Post Article and video in Huffington Post

If you are in the UK have a great Bank Holiday week-end and may the sun continue to shine. Off to clear out my make-up box. See you next week.

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  1. 3rd May 2013 / 15:50

    This is a wonderful reminder for us. Out if date sunscreen can be ineffective as well as nasty. I found out of date, organic sunscreen yesterday on my shelf and the smell was “off”. Being organic it had no preservatives. Since I use organic cosmetics, I better check those too!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. 5th May 2013 / 05:06

    Oh, thank you so much for the tip about using the tool box for organizing make-up! My daughter and I were both looking for such boxes but couldn’t find them in the make-up section of Target or similar stores. Now we know where to look!

    I tend to hold on to make-up too long as well. It’s small and doesn’t take up much room. But every once in awhile a good toss-out is so therapeutic.

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