Our bargains from the Braderie

As promised here are some of our “finds” from the Braderie. Catching the 8.55 am bus into St. Tropez  certainly paid off. We are both very satisfied with our purchases. This is my basic wardrobe done for the Autumn/winter. I must admit it is all looking a bit grey. Since I have banned myself from buying black (a bit too harsh for my skin) grey seems to have become my new black. I feet I now need to add a touch of colour with scarves etc.

My friend bought this stunning little black dress from Olivier Strelli. I liked the way it draped so much that I bought a top with a similar look (see below)

Grey knit top from Max Azria

Bought in the market for 25 euros. They are the ultimate shoe for Travelling. I bought a pair in black

Draped grey top – Olivier Strelli

Really useful knitted grey jacket

Scarves and jewellery vary the look – The collar also buttons up to form a roll neck
Very fine knit grey cardigan – Again from Olivier Strelli
Grey/beige pumps. The ideal heel they are so comfortable

As I understand very similar to the Hermes one

Very excited off to Paris tomorrow. I think it will have to be window shopping as I have exhausted my budget.

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  1. 31st October 2011 / 13:50

    What wonderful shoes – a beautiful shape and actually wearable. And I love the draped look of the dress and blouse; it’s very flattering.

  2. 2nd November 2011 / 01:09

    Love the top and the dress. And really love the hair. I’m trying to find just the right grey shoes and I think these may be it. Grey is so wonderful – I’m more and more enamoured of it.

  3. Fenicia
    2nd November 2011 / 05:19

    Your bargains are wonderful! Grey is certainly your colour. You look stunning in the photos and I especially like the top with the drape. Congratulations on your new wardrobe – I hope you spend many happy years together.

    I agree about black near the face and I avoid it now too. I’m also not too good in grey, but I’ve taken a leaf from the Italian women by teaming it with camel and/or brown and if I have grey near my face I always wear gold earrings to give the old face a bit of brightness. I wish I didn’t have to, but I bought my grey cashmere years ago before I understood (or needed to understand) the importance of colour near the face. What does a girl do with her cashmere mistakes?

    Seeing the photos of you, I would love to know more about your make-up, especially if you use foundation and if so, which brand do you recommend – this is another of my problems that I’ve yet to solve.

    Thanks for sharing your wardrobe finds – very inspiring. Enjoy Paris!

  4. 3rd November 2011 / 16:54

    I think you can adapt most colours to suit you if you add flattering jewellery and accessories (scarves are great) near the face. I certainly do that with my existing black especially cashmere sweaters (much too good not to wear).
    I did write a post on make-up (link below) some time ago maybe I need to revisit this subject. Currently I am opting for less is more and normally use a tinted moisturiser (currently MAC) and a neutral eyeshadow (Dior palette with soft beige and browns). I pay lots of attention to eyebrows and mascara (always curl lashes) and a touch of blush.

  5. Zoe Egerton
    3rd November 2011 / 16:58

    You really should work for the St Tropez Tourist Board!
    The black dress and similar grey top are stunning (they and the models do each other justice). I’m so jealous!

  6. 3rd November 2011 / 17:07

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. I must compliment my husband on his photographic skills.

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