Lightweight cotton Khaki jacket for summer

women khaki jacket

A khaki jacket is often considered to be more of an autumn or winter item in our wardrobes. Yet I am finding that a lightweight cotton khaki jacket is proving very useful worn either over a pair of classic jeans or one of my summer dresses. The jacket I am wearing above is from Cabionline.

Cabi is an American brand that was recently introduced to me from two separate sources. Firstly by Susan of Unefemme, whose sartorial judgement I trust explicitly. Shortly afterwards I received an enquiry from a reader asking me if I had heard of the brand and if so what did I think of their clothes. I took a look at the site and replied that I thought that they seemed to offer some good basics.

Serendipitously a few weeks later I received an invitation announcing that they were launching in the UK. They kindly invited me to their very glamorous launch party in central London in May.

womens khaki jacket

The lightweight cotton green expedition jacket I am wearing above is from their Spring collection. As part of their UK launch, all the guests at the party were kindly given a voucher to spend the following day in their pop up shop. This is the item that I chose.

womens khaki jacket

Khaki green is not a colour that I normally wear however teamed with a fresh white tee shirt and a pair of classic jeans I really like it.

You can see how I wear my classic waterproof khaki jacket here.

The photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram

The photos were taken at the Isabella plantations in Richmond park. We just caught the azaleas in time.


  1. 7th June 2019 / 11:42

    I saw the Uk launch on stories. It looked like a great time. The Cabi brand looks interesting and I really like this casual jacket.

    • 8th June 2019 / 15:30

      Hi Laurie
      Thanks for your comment. Yes the party was great. I felt that some of the clothes were a bit young however there were some great pieces.

  2. 7th June 2019 / 18:06

    You look great in this jacket! I love khaki -it’s a really versatile colour that looks great with jeans, as in your pic, but also red, camel, grey and denim.

  3. Penelope Harwood
    7th June 2019 / 18:40

    You are as elegant as always in this belted jacket. My reality is different. I am 5’3″, in my late 60s and no longer have a waist! I would wear this jacket, but without the belt, and depending on how much extra fabric there is, have it taken in down the sides.

    • 8th June 2019 / 15:39

      Hi Penelope
      The jacket would look just as good without the belt however it is quite oversized and Cabi do size generously I took a small as opposed to my normal medium

  4. Vicki Lehmann
    7th June 2019 / 21:59

    I truly loved that jacket. When I searched the website for it, I found they do not carry larger sizes. What a pity. Thanks for the information anyway.

    • 8th June 2019 / 15:28

      Hi Vicki
      I don’t know what size you take however I would say that their sizes are large. I sized down on most of their styles. I normally take a medium and a small was adequate. I should imagine their XL would be generous.

  5. Pru Fudge
    8th June 2019 / 11:04

    The jacket looks good however, I would need to know where it is made and what it weighs please.
    I’m always looking for lightweight that travels well. Thank you Josephine.

    • 8th June 2019 / 15:21

      Hi Pru
      I am afraid that I can’t tell you where the jacket was made as it is not with me at the moment or I would check the label. You could email the service department at the brand. They could also tell you the weight. I describe it as lightweight as although it is heavy cotton I would not say that it would keep you as warm as some of the winter weight khaki jackets. It would be good to travel in depending on your destination but might be a bit bulky in a small carry on case.

  6. Susan B
    8th June 2019 / 20:02

    Isn’t that a great jacket? I love it on you!

  7. Katrinka
    9th June 2019 / 15:33

    I’d like to check out the clothing at Cabi. Do you know if they have a store in Oxford? I’ll be spending several weeks there this summer and making a list of the stores I need to visit. I already have Toast and COS on my list as know they are there. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks…

    • 10th June 2019 / 08:42

      Hi Katrinka
      I am afraid that Cabi doesn’t have any stores they operate only online and via stylists. If you go on their site you might be able to find a stylist near Oxford, but I don’t think that is what you are looking for. I like Arket and &otherstories this year but don’t know if they have stores in Oxford. Jigsaw probably does.

  8. 10th June 2019 / 02:54

    I wear quite a bit of cabi. The only reason I decided not to buy the expedition jacket was the sleeve length. While I really like tops with three-quarter sleeves, I wouldn’t want them on an outer jacket.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

    • 10th June 2019 / 08:45

      Hello Elaine
      I had not really noticed the sleeves being 3/4 they seemed to go to near my wrists but I like them pushed up a bit.

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