Introducing a new brand in time for the holiday season

I have found this season on the high street quite challenging to find styles that are up to date and still suitable for us mature women. I have tried to focus on those brands that really understand our desire to continue to look chic and elegant and at the same time feel comfortable in the clothes that we wear.

The philosophy of this blog is to assist you in curating a wardrobe that reflects your personality and suits your lifestyle. We often favour longer sleeves and dress lengths that cover our knees. Clothes that flatter.

I also try to support Brands started by entrepreneurial women. So I was thrilled to attend a pop-up shop in central London organised by Jacynth Bassett, owner and founder of She is only in her twenties yet she is a champion of the older woman. You can read about how and why she started her online shop here.

I was so inspired as I rummaged through the clothes racks and tried on quite a few of their unique pieces. Their unusual bags and quirky jewellery also caught my eye.

I found it difficult to choose but finally plumped for this gorgeous Bee red jacket. Ideal for the festive season. (They ship internationally and offer next day delivery). know their customers and they continue to listen to them. This is a contemporary fashion website that dresses women over 50. Here you will find classic styles with a twist alongside some playful pieces. They really understand that our bodies often change as we get older and that there are a wide variety of body shapes. Whatever body shape you are accommodates you.

Jacynth has also recently introduced a cashmere knitwear range which is stunning. I finally selected the Mercury sparkle cashmere jumper.

You can tailor your shop by clicking on the “tailor your shop” button and selecting your body shape, areas of your body you would like to conceal or celebrate. Finally, you can shop by occasion or colour. What a brilliant idea most of the hard work is done for you.

Their tagline is:

Welcome to Shopping With Attitude – Where Ageism Is Never In Style.

The is the first online boutique that truly celebrates style at every age.

Photos were taken by Laura Hines at The HartsBoatyard. PS. Have you ever locked everything including your car keys in your car? Well, I did on this occasion. The staff of the pub were very understanding. The barman lent me his mobile phone to call my husband who finally arrived to rescue me with my spare car keys. This time of year is so hectic and I think I am feeling a bit overstretched at the moment. I am looking forward to a rest in France in early January.

Paris trip update:

I had a great two day trip to Paris. I will be processing the photos shortly and hope to get a post up on Paris later this week

Disclaimer: The coat and cashmere sweater were borrowed for photographic purposes. 


  1. 17th December 2018 / 16:00

    Love the Bee jacket and will certainly have a look at that website. I “collect” jackets, particularly if they are a little bit different. No one looks at skirts or trousers!

    • 19th December 2018 / 08:21

      You are quite right Mary. If you wear something stunning on top it draws the eye upwards which is always a good thing.

  2. 17th December 2018 / 16:59

    I especially like these black pants!!!

  3. Anon
    17th December 2018 / 18:20

    I have totally gone off sweaters because of the bulk they add at my waistline. It is so nice to see a sweater with side slits. This is what I’ve been looking for. Finally, a designer who understands.

    • 19th December 2018 / 08:22

      I agree I need my sweaters to be loose around my middle. Bias-Cut definitely understands our needs as we get older.

  4. Brenda
    18th December 2018 / 00:11

    You look fabulous Josephine. What a lovely jacket.

  5. Sara Shaw
    18th December 2018 / 14:14

    Love the jacket! Bees are particularly in in Manchester, my nearest city. They are the city’s symbol and have taken on a new meaning since the awful terrorist attack. Lovely to see them used so stylishly too. That is such a good style.
    Tried the Bias-Cut website but do think it quite pricey for what it is offering. There is the dilemma that the independents cannot compete with the multiples, but equally, I’m not in the income bracket to support the former just because they are independent. Think I am becoming more and more fond of well-chosen Cos as my go-to, with a bit of Hobbs and Jigsaw thrown in -especially in sales!
    Still avoiding wide legged trousers having done them in several earlier incarnations. I am quite tall and not particularly large, but think they need heels, which I am definitely off for everyday. Also, if they are long enough, they do drape in puddles! We get a lot of those in Derbyshire.
    Waiting for the Paris photos; there is nowhere like it, in every sense.

    • 19th December 2018 / 08:26

      Hi Sara
      I agree I love Bees.
      Independents can be a little more pricey however in my opinion they offer more unusual styles and use better fabrics. I am finding that most of the high street brands are downgrading their fabrics in ordrer to make more profit in a difficult retail climate. I think some of the Jigsaw pieces especially their knitwear are pricey for the quality.
      I take your point wide trousers I would not wear my velvet ones in wet weather.

  6. Susan B
    19th December 2018 / 07:49

    That bee jacket is GORGROUS! Love it!!

  7. Sylvia Cassie
    19th December 2018 / 17:09

    Love ❤️ how you accessorize the grey sweater (jumper); very very smart. Bee jacket is gorgeous. Best wishes for a very merry festive season.

  8. Stylease
    12th January 2019 / 08:09

    Your red tops looks pretty <3
    Nice style, Jos!!

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