How to multiply your layers and still look chic.

How to multiply your layers and still look chic.

The weather is all over the place at the moment. One minute it is sunny and cold and the next it is grey and drizzly. It is difficult to look smart and stay warm under these circumstances. How to multiply your layers and still look chic. In the photo above I am wearing my classic black waisted jacket. You can just see it here under my black puffa coat in a previous post. If it gets a bit warmer but you still want a jacket to keep your body warm you can always swap your coat for a sleeveless gilet.

Grey puffs waistcoat, black jacket. Warm layers

I find these sleeveless gilets extremely useful all year round. You can wear them on top of a classic jacket as illustrated here or under a winter coat. I even wear them in the summer over a dress or light sweater. I think that I must have at least three now in different colourways.

My classic black jacket was from MeandEm about three years ago. They offer some of the best tailored jackets on the market. Some are currently in their sale.

As a base layer, I am wearing one of my Uniqlo thermal polo neck sweaters. Turtleneck neck thermal sweater from Uniqlo (US link)

My puffer gilet was from Uniqlo probably at least five years ago. I have put a selection of similar below.

Gap has a similar sleeveless puffer (UK link) (US link).

Photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram

How to multiply your layers and still look chic:


  1. 11th January 2022 / 03:20

    So chic in Fl now..really miss layers!

  2. 12th January 2022 / 17:59

    I have insulated vests like yours in varying weights and many different colors and patterns. They really do add interest to outerwear while keeping you warm and outfits where the featherweight ones are cozy but light enough to wear indoors. That color vest is perfect for Summer coloring and your necklace and earrings are a perfect color accent!

  3. Lynne Savage
    13th January 2022 / 01:54

    I too love a vest especially when travelling in our caravan in australia. Stinking hot during the day and freezing at night in the outback.

  4. Michele
    1st February 2022 / 15:36

    love all the ideas on your page.

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