How to keep your feet warm in cosy winter boots

How to keep your feet warm in cosy winter boots

How to keep your feet warm in cosy winter boots. It was absolutely freezing the day we took these photos in Richmond Park. I was wearing thermal underwear and I did manage to smile! At least my feet were warm and cosy in my Pavers lace-up snow boots (gifted). They are so practical for walking especially in muddy terrain as they have a protective layer over the toes.

The boots have traditional hiking lacing at the front but are secured with a side zip which makes it really easy to put them on and take them off. No more struggling to get your laces done up with freezing cold fingers. Lined with soft faux fur linings the boots sit on a chunky outsole with thick treads which gives traction underfoot to help prevent slipping if the ground is wet or icy.

Details of outfit:

I have teamed them with my traditional Nordic walking gear. The green parka is at least five years old. You can see me wearing it here in 2017. The peach scarf is from Chicatanyage shop (only 3 left).


Nordic walking winter outfit

My yellow mini is older than all the clothes I am wearing but I still love it.

Pavers lace-up snow boots

Close up of my Pavers lace-up snow boots so that you can see the details.

Warm winter outfit and hiking boots

More layers for keeping warm in the cold. This time I am wearing a pair of really comfortable black leather ankle boots from Pavers (gifted). These boots are a bit more dressy than the previous pair but just as supportive. An ideal general-purpose walking boot. They look just as good in town as in the countryside. For such a sturdy boot they are very lightweight.

Warm chunky walking boots

A close up of my sturdy ankle boots. You can see the details of the supportive soles

Grey pea coat and red cashmere scarf

My outfit above consists of a pair of black trousers teamed with my black roll-neck cashmere sweater a couple of years old from Cos. It still seems to be available but only in a small size (it does come up large). The grey pea coat which I originally bought in a small boutique in France about 5 years ago. My red cashmere scarf is from Chicatanyage shop (only 1 left).

Pea coats:

How to keep your feet warm in cosy winter boots

How to keep your feet warm in cosy winter boots

If you are planning to go for a hearty winter walk remember to wear warm clothes and sturdy boots. Walking in the fresh air and nature is excellent for your mental health. My walks in Richmond Park have helped to keep me calm and positive during these challenging times.


  1. 21st January 2022 / 13:01

    Greetings from Montréal, where the temperature as I write is -18C, wind chill taking the RealFeel to -25. To keep feet warm in boots, the secret weapon is to add sheepskin insoles to your lined winter boots, new ones each winter. Blundstone make outstanding ones. Or, use thermal insoles, the silvery ones that look like a “space blanket”. The problem here is ice underfoot, which creates a real safety issue re falls. We look for boots with built in ice-gripper soles such as Pajar’s Ice Grippers or Icebug’s BUGrip sole.

    • 21st January 2022 / 13:45

      Hello Kathleen
      Thank you for your useful tips. I find that my Nordic walking sticks help me to keep my balance in muddy slippery icy terrain but then the temperatures are not nearly as cold as where you live. I was very young when I visited Montreal all I remember is shopping in underground malls.

  2. Francesca B.
    21st January 2022 / 15:41

    Love your blog Josephine and your wonderful style. I like Timberland boots myself when walking. All the best keep warm! 🙂

    • 22nd January 2022 / 17:43

      Hello Francesca
      Thank you for your comment. Glad you like my blog. I agree Timberland boots are excellent.

  3. 21st January 2022 / 23:44

    I miss my MINI Cooper. I got hit by a semi in my first one (sideswiped when he changed lanes into me and threw me off the road). Only cosmetic damage (to the car, none to me). I was able to drive the car another 7 hours to my destination and the 14 hours back home the following week (after having it inspected in between to make sure it was driveable). I drove that car another 4 years after that. It had a lot of problems later, and I don’t know if they were the result of the accident or not. Then I traded it in for another, but I thought I’d go for a change, so when that lease was up, I got a VW Beetle (in its last year of production). It’s fine. I loved driving the MINI. It felt like ME.

    I keep thinking I need to get Nordic Walking Sticks. Anything to keep me upright!

    • 22nd January 2022 / 17:40

      Hello Christine

      I agree my mini definitely feels like ME. I keep thinking I might get an electric car but I cont bear to part with my yellow mini! Nordic walking sticks are great for posture.

    22nd January 2022 / 15:30

    I now feel almost guilty for not appreciating the warm weather we have in Arizona, USA.!!! I have longed all winter to wear a sweater and only today we may have cold enough weather!!! I live in the desert, so we have very warm days but freezing nights. Hard to believe unless you have experienced it!!! Arizona is a beautiful place. We are known for our beautiful mountains, sunsets and gorgeous Saharo cactus!!! Were also known for our wonderful hiking trails and rock climbing!!! Stay warm!! Come visit Arizona next winter and stay warm with us!!!

    • 22nd January 2022 / 17:37

      Hello Natalie

      You are so lucky to have warm sun during the day. Arizona sounds lovely. Maybe someday we will visit. I love hiking.

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