How to create a light make up for everyday

How to create a light make up for everyday

I think that we have all been wearing much less make-up recently; I know that I have. This is probably due to less socialising and spending more hours working from home. I do try to put some makeup on every day otherwise I don’t feel fully “dressed”. So today I am going to talk about how to create a light make up for everyday. I think that as we get older it is not a good idea to wear too much makeup. My mantra is “less is more”.

I have been using the Violet Jordan Glow and Go make-up sticks on a regular basis recently. I don’t seem to be the only woman to like these innovative sticks as since writing this post they have sold out. I suggest you leave your email address and they will notify you when they are back in stock.

I have been experimenting with them for a few weeks to see how they would work. I have two ways of wearing them. Firstly completely on their own. I use their dew stick to moisturise my skin, followed by the pearl stick on my eyelids and cheekbones and the berry stick as a blusher and light lipstick. This creates a fresh moisturised and glowing look that I wear if I am working at home on the computer or going to my pilates class.

If I am going out or socialising I will firstly prime my skin with the dew stick. After letting it sink in for a few minutes I will add an SPF 50, essential even if the skies are cloudy, mine has a slightly mattifying effect. Then I will use the pearl on my eyelids. I find that as I get older my eyelids get darker which can make me look tired. To counteract this I like to wear a light neutral eyeshadow. So the pearl stick is ideal. I then use it on my cheekbones and any other area of my face where the light would fall naturally. Finally I apply the berry stick as a blusher and light lipgloss. I finish by filling in my brows with an eyebrow pencil and finally add a touch of mascara. This whole process takes less than five minutes.

How to create a light make up for everyday

I have recorded a YouTube video on how I like to use the Glow and Go sticks click here to watch.

The Violet Jordan products are specially created for women over 50. They use natural ingredients and are designed to enhance and not hide your natural complexion.

I would highly recommend these sticks if you are going on holiday and want a quick and easy makeup. They are so easy to pack with no risk of spillage and stained clothes.

The three Glow and Go sticks were gifted to me. All opinions and words are my own.


  1. margieusa
    20th August 2021 / 16:14

    Josephine…I noticed your earrings and wondering who makes/sells them…the colors are “delicious.” Are they lightweight?

    • 20th August 2021 / 18:35

      Hello Margie
      Yes the earrings are very light. They are from Tolally
      They were a present from my son last Christmas.

  2. Liz Bordeaux
    20th August 2021 / 16:36

    Looks interesting but it doesn’t give their price. Also looks like they don’t deliver outside the UK. So it’s a no from me unfortunately :-).
    Thinking of you recently as I saw that the forest fires in SE France have reached Grimaud – seem to remember that’s where your holiday home is. Hope your friends are all OK and your house safe.

    • 20th August 2021 / 18:23

      Hello Liz
      I think there are no prices because the products are sold out. From memory they are not very expensive. I don’t think that the ship outside the UK but I will check.
      Yes you are correct we had a very worrying few days at the beginning of the week. The fire came very close but luckily stopped just short of Grimaud village. I will post some images on next weeks blog.

  3. Suzanne Lagle
    20th August 2021 / 16:45

    I use the Boom product, same product in the USA. Love them…less is definitely more! Thanks for posting this.

  4. Maria
    20th August 2021 / 16:57

    Hello Josephine, I just watched your video on the Glow and Go sticks. I wondered if I might make a suggestion? If you make more videos could you please raise the camera so it is level with your head/face? That way we’ll be able to see you better and it will provide a more natural, friendly feel. The Glow and Go sticks sound like a good idea and remind me of the Max Factor foundation stick I used as a teenager. They were so handy.

    • 20th August 2021 / 18:17

      Hello Maria
      I am sure that you are correct. Despite watching umpteen youtube videos I find videos very challenging. It took me days to do that one so I think that I will stick to photos and the written word.

  5. 21st August 2021 / 07:41

    These look interesting. As I’ve been wearing very little makeup over the last eighteen months I’ve noticed that what I have is looking a bit dried up and grim, so some new recommendations are very timely! Lipstick has been my most used make up item, it makes the most impact these days. I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer from the lip thinning that seems to afflict a lot of women as they age and the lipstick doubles as a sun block.

    • 21st August 2021 / 12:44

      Thank you for your comment. It is worth trying the berry stick when it is back in stock.

  6. Jayne
    22nd October 2021 / 19:12

    I ordered the Glow Sticks though I was not sure they would be suitable for my 77 year old skin. I’m so glad I did. Like you I use them for everyday (with the addition of mascara). I am surprised how well the Dew stick evens out my skin tone. The Berry stick is very versatile and has a good moisturising effect on my lips. We travel quite a lot in our motorhome and the Glow Sticks will be ideal for this – no fuss and so easy to carry. Thanks for your recommendation.

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