How my capsule wardrobe worked Part 11

Bellagio - Pink tunic dress and scarf.

How my capsule wardrobe worked Part 11. Finally, I have finished writing my second post showing how my capsule wardrobe worked for our recent trip to the Italian Lakes. Unfortunately, my husband and I both went down with a very nasty stomach bug on our return to the UK. We could hardly get out of bed for nearly a week. I have heard that there are some very nasty viruses going around at the moment. There was another blogger who wrote about catching one during her recent visit to Florance.


We spent the first three nights in a small self-catering flat in the centre of the town. It was nice to be able to go to the local shops and buy local vegetables and freshly made pasta.

We had a few days of bright sunny weather however it continued to be unseasonably cold most days with some rain. Luckily we were not near the areas which experienced bad flooding.

In the first photo, I am wearing my pink tunic dress over my black skinny trousers. The dress is a few years old originally from Cos. If you want to create this look they have a similar dress that would work.

Me in my husbands jacket Bellagio

As I mentioned the weather continued to be unseasonably cold and on one occasion I borrowed my husband’s quilted jacket to keep me warm on one of our walks.

Blue pacamac at Villa Melzi

Well I was very glad that I had packed my blue Pacamac. It came in useful for when we visited the Villa Melzi. This lovely Neo-classical house was built during the Napoleonic era. It is well worth a visit. The grounds are stunning and the small museum recounts the history of the family who lived there.

Selection of Pacamacs (highly recommended for travelling):

Japanese garden at Vill Meizi

Photographed on the grounds of the Villa Melzi Bellagio.

Maxi dress and pink jacket at the Villa Serbelloni.

The elegant stairs in the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio.

Grey pleated skirt and lilac scarf

Another evening outfit that I wore for dinner out in Bellagio. Grey pleated skirt and lilac sweater and scarf.

Villa Melzi
Lilac sweater and grey trousers on the balcony at Villa Serbelloni.

Many of you inquired about my cross-body bag in my last post. So I have researched some current ones listed below:

If you missed my first post on my travels to the Italian lakes you can catch up here.


  1. Agnes
    6th June 2023 / 16:23

    Love these combinations, but I’m always wary of footwear that is much lighter in colour than my hem (skirt, trousers) as I think it makes me look shorter and stockier. I realise it’s an optical illusion but I’d swap the white trainers for black in the first ensemble!

    Where can I find a white hat similar to the one you wear? Thank you

    • Julia
      6th June 2023 / 22:00

      I agree Agnès about the white shoes. Although white trainers have been fashionable for a few seasons now. Probably, Josephine didn’t have enough room in her cabin bag for two pairs of trainers.
      Josephine you look great as usual but I cannot believe that you could wear a scarf tied twice around your neck in May/June in Italy and not feel really hot. I love scarves (and I am British though I live in Canada) but would be gasping with heat if I wore them around my neck in spring. I know you said the weather was unseasonably chilly in Italy this spring but still…
      I can only conclude that you must be extremely « frileuse »!

      • 7th June 2023 / 10:22

        Hi Julia
        I did take a pair of black trainers with me but they were more of the walking variety. I preferred the white ones with the outfit. I definitely needed the scarf it was light and soft. It was really cold some days. I even had to buy a silk/wool vest to wear under my tee shirts.

    • 7th June 2023 / 10:28

      Hello Agnes
      I am quite tall with relatively small feet for my height. I have always loved white trainers and feel that I can wear them and still be in proportion. The white hat is from St.Tropez market.

  2. Maria Parton
    6th June 2023 / 16:42

    Hello Josephine, Bellagio looks so beautiful and I always enjoy seeing the creative ways you use your scarves and combine your clothing. But, I wanted to ask you about caring for your legs and feet while you travel. It looks like you spend a lot of time walking and wearing various types of footwear. I wondered if you had any favourite lotions and/or exercises that you use to combat fatigue in your feet and legs. Thank you, Maria

    • 7th June 2023 / 10:26

      Hi Maria
      I normally just use body moisturiser on my legs. When occasionally I have bare legs I used a tinted moisturiser. I don’t tend to get tired legs as I do Nordic walking and pilates when I am in the UK. I do however have arthritis in my left hip which is painful and I will probably need to see a consultant about it soon.

  3. Joyce Penny
    7th June 2023 / 03:11

    The elegant stairs at the Grand Hotel were made even more elegant by your graceful outfit and wonderful colour mix. The scarf over the should is a masterful touch. Lots of inspiration for me for my December/January trip to France!

  4. 7th June 2023 / 05:55

    As a fellow fashion enthusiast and travel blogger, I must say that your capsule wardrobe for your trip to the Italian Lakes is truly inspiring. Despite the unexpected stomach bug that affected you and your husband, you managed to showcase stunning outfits and make the most of your time in Bellagio.

    The pink tunic dress layered over black skinny trousers is a chic and versatile combination, perfect for exploring the town’s local shops and indulging in delicious Italian cuisine. And the fact that you borrowed your husband’s quilted jacket to stay warm shows resourcefulness and a sense of style.

    I was particularly captivated by the blue Pacamac you packed. It not only protected you from the unpredictable weather but also added a pop of color to your outfit during your visit to Villa Melzi. The Japanese garden and the grand staircase at Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni served as the perfect backdrops to showcase your maxi dress and pink jacket ensemble, exuding elegance and sophistication.

    Your grey pleated skirt paired with a lilac sweater and scarf created a lovely evening look for dining out in Bellagio. It’s clear that you put thought into coordinating your outfits while ensuring comfort and style.

    Your attention to detail and ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances make your blog a valuable resource for fashion-savvy travelers. I’m sure your readers will appreciate your recommendations for pacamacs and find inspiration in your well-curated capsule wardrobe. Keep up the fantastic work, and I look forward to reading more about your fashion adventures and travel experiences.

  5. Sue
    14th June 2023 / 08:39

    A big yes from me! Love it all. I have a similar pair of dress shoes great for slipping on in the evening. Isn’t Bellagio nice!?! There’s a scarf shop along the lake front there that is heaven! Did you get a chance to look at it? Next time I am determined to pick one out!
    I love Varenna, as well!! Sunsets with a Bellini in Varenna are the best!
    I am debating the merits of packing a blazer/jacket, it’s either too hot or too cold. Last time I packed a little winter wool insulated swing jacket and that worked better for late spring for that particular trip, plus a cashmere cardigan. I ended up buying a cashmere scarf to match in Verona (pink of course) and used it through the whole trip!

    • 15th June 2023 / 13:31

      Hello Sue
      Yes we do love Bellagio. I think that I know the scarf shop that you mean. It was so cold while we were there that I bought a lovely wool/cashmere scarf from that shop. My blue cashmere cardigan was very useful.

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