Capsule travel wardrobe for five days in Italy

Traveling to Italy + Capsule wardrobe for 5 days in Italy.

We flew to Malpensa airport in Milan and then had to catch two trains to get to Lake Como. Here I am at Saronna station waiting for the connecting train. My pink carry-on case contains my capsule travel wardrobe for five days in Italy. It fitted easily in the overhead locker on the plane.

To travel I wore my pink blazer. Many years old originally from Joseph. I was glad that I had bought a jacket as the weather was quite chilly during our stay and I was able to wear it over one of my dresses in the evening. I teamed it with my Tessa casual trousers from JohnLewis&Partners. Underneath I am wearing my 100% Merino wool crew neck sweater from Uniqlo. This was the most useful item in my capsule wardrobe. As I mentioned the weather was much colder than would be reasonably expected at this time of year. Most days I wore layers of tees.

Capsule wardrobe for visit to Como Italy

My capsule travel wardrobe for my trip to Italy. Everything fitted into my pink carry-on case. MarksandSpencer does a good range. TK Maxx also has some bargains.

We spent our first night in Como in a small B&B in one of the beautiful old courtyard buildings near the centre of the city.

As we only had one day to explore Como we got up early and headed for the centre of the city.

Italian Cathedral

Como Cathedral

There are some magnificent churches and Cathedrals in Como. I tried to follow a guided tour whilst walking round the main town square. Not sure If I got the names of the Cathedrals correct.

Como Italy in green Mac, scarf and hat

There was a lot of rain during our visit so I was glad that I had packed my green folding Mac Similar. I have had it for many years and can’t remember where I originally got it from but I have put a selection of current ones below. I was also glad of my Asics trainers which I wore nearly every day.

Italian Basilica

Basilica Cathedrale Como

Pink sweatshirt and black trousers

Finally the sun came out and I was able to shed my Mac. Underneath I was wearing my pink sweatshirt from Cos (several years old). I think Arket has some more interesting colours this season including some nice stripey ones.

That evening we took the Ferryboat across the lake to Bellagio. So I will continue my story of our Italian visit to the lakes next week.

In the meantime, I am off for a short weekend in Amsterdam this Friday.


  1. Mary Ann
    30th May 2023 / 18:27

    You are living the life, enjoy!

  2. Barbara Brown
    31st May 2023 / 07:57

    I always enjoy following your blog and travels, that spurs me on to not take so many clothes when travelling! You always look very chic – I’m many years older than you, but still want to look attractive, whilst comfortable too! so your kind of clothes are the kind I also wear! Keep well and safe.

  3. 31st May 2023 / 13:11

    I love the pastel colors on you. And your hat is adorable.

  4. miriam johnson
    31st May 2023 / 19:16

    Having, difficulty, finding clothes for my height, 5ft. 1 inch especially dresses. Any advice where I might try,?

    • 1st June 2023 / 09:51

      Hello Miriam I will get my friend’s advice. she is a similar height to you and get back to you.

      • 2nd June 2023 / 09:57

        For the 5ft 1in lady I would definitely suggest Marks and Spencer. Their dress range is really excellent at the moment (there was an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph saying exactly that) and most of them come in short lengths, decent fabrics and at a good price range too. I’ve just been in the Richmond high street branch and some are already going into the sale.

    • Marianne
      5th June 2023 / 14:24

      I have noticed that Phase Eight are now selling “some” of their dresses in a petite version now. It would be great if they could could sell all their dresses in a petite length, for those of us, under five foot three.

  5. Sue
    1st June 2023 / 04:37

    Love it! Perfect! We could be twins because that’s exactly sort of things I pack! Nothing better than black pants, a pink top and scarf for fun and supportive sports shoes! I’ve given up with anything fancy and love the look of a happy, comfy outfit. I need to find a crossbody bag like yours though! Mine has gotten a bit heavy. Love your suitcase, I think I need a new one, mine needs a wheel alignment or something!

    • 1st June 2023 / 09:49

      Thank you for your comment Sue. I will see if I can find some similar cross-body bags. Mine is a few years old.

  6. Sue
    1st June 2023 / 10:59

    Thank you! That’s so kind! I especially like the wide shoulder strap! I have a backpack but it’s such a pain to get stuff in and out of! I did find a great bag in Bali, a fake Prada with a wide strap and pink!! Ha! I was soo tempted but I’ve heard you can get fined for fake bags in Italy! I don’t think Prada has ever made a bag like that but you never know!

  7. Kathleen Bateman
    1st June 2023 / 21:37

    Hello Josephine

    Would you mind sharing the name of the B&B in Como and do you recommend?

    You certainly put together beautiful color clothing that is perfect on you.

    Thanks for your help.

  8. MaureenC
    2nd June 2023 / 16:55

    That wonderful pink Joseph jacket continues to look fantastic and the colour is so good on you. What an investment.
    I was in the Trossachs while you were in Italy and we had blazing sun. Doesn’t seem fair!

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