How I accessorise my oversize Spring raincoat

How I accessorise my oversize Spring raincoat

My mother used to have a wonderful saying “I don’t know whether I’m coming or going”. It seems to be a bit like that with the seasons this year. Spring does not know whether it is time to take over from Winter. The blossom is beginning to emerge from its hibernation and yet the skies are still grey and the drizzly rain continues. What to wear? I feel like emerging from my dark neutrals and like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly adorning myself in lighter tones. Luckily neutrals are very on trend this season. Here I have accessorized my oversize raincoat with a bright yellow clutch.

How I accessorise my oversize Spring raincoat

I was not sure about this mac by Mango. I bought it last year and this is how I wore it then. It felt a bit too oversized last year yet when I got it out of storage last week I felt it looked fine. It is interesting how our eye can get accustomed to a different silhouette when we are repeatedly exposed to it.

This year’s versions:

How I accessorise my oversize Spring raincoat

White trainers by Stan Smith (US link)

This year’s versions:


  1. E.Showalter
    14th April 2018 / 16:02

    So many repeats. The blog has really slowed down. I understandt that your wardrobe is complete but you are writing for an audience and there isn’t enough here about new trends, fashion, what’s available, even what readers might want to hear about.

    • 14th April 2018 / 19:43

      I completely understand about one’s eyes adjusting to new silhouettes etc with exposure to them. Many times I have initially thought ‘I couldn’t / wouldn’t wear that’ but in time have found myself appreciating the look.

    • 15th April 2018 / 09:00

      Hi E.Showalter
      I would not say that my wardrobe was complete and if you check out some of the recent posts I have added a few items so far this season like the WinserLondon pink sweater, The LandsEnd blue raincoats, a couple of lilac sweaters and two pairs of M&S shoes, very on trend one silver and one embroidered pair (soon to be featured) plus some accessories.
      I do believe in shopping carefully and buying items that will last more than just one season. I also like to make the most of my existing wardrobe by mixing things up to create new looks. “Shop your closet” has been one of my most popular post series.
      There are many blogs out there that cover all the new trends and latest fashions. This space is more about finding our own unique style and being comfortable in what we wear. Having said that I do encourage my readers to experiment with new styles, maybe starting with accessories and budget price items to add to their core wardrobes.
      I also welcome ideas from my readers relating to trends etc. so that we can learn from each other.

  2. jenny
    14th April 2018 / 19:21

    I love it. Definitely looks nicer without the belt. I wouldn’t chose the yellow zip, but as its there, I agree you might as well make the most of it as you have, with the yellow bag. I have tried several trench coats this year but none fitted/suited me. Possibly because I’m 5’2 and “chubby” (my daughter’s words). I mourn the loss of my Burberry which I sold on eBay after storing it for thirty years, when I finally accepted that I was unlikely to be a size 10 ever again.

    You often feature clothes available from Nordstrom, do they incur customs and import duties coming to the UK?

    • 15th April 2018 / 08:32

      Hi Jenny
      The reason I feature clothes from Nordstrom is that about 40% of my readers live in the States. I try to give them some options available over there. You would incur customs and import duties shipping to the UK. They do however take care of these costs up front which makes it easier and depending on the rate of exchange can work out cheaper. However, returns are possible but not so easy.

  3. 14th April 2018 / 20:17

    Thanks for this post, Josephine! I’ve recently purchased a similar coat and I’ve been thinking about ways to style it… if and when spring ever arrives!

  4. Theresa
    14th April 2018 / 22:27

    Hi Josephine
    You always manage to look elegant effortlessly. I have a similar over sized raincoat bought in M&S in 1988 and it still looks good! Like most of us, I’m looking forward to shedding sweaters etc, and some inspiration for the coming better weather (hopefully) would be much appreciated.

    • 15th April 2018 / 08:27

      Hi Theresa
      I will do my best. It has been such a cold and rainy Spring in the UK, and here in France that I have not felt like going to the shops much or been inspired by the new season’s summery styles. Hoping things will improve soon.

  5. Dee Camilleri
    15th April 2018 / 13:16

    I really like this look and love the co ordinated car! I would also have to say that I disagree with E. Showalter. Your posts are always completely on trend, appropriate to the season and your attention to detail and styling is fantastic.

  6. Wendy in York
    15th April 2018 / 15:06

    Please don’t feel you must be constantly shopping & following the latest fashion trends . Your strength is your ability to mix older with newer for a flattering effect . Some bloggers have never heard of conspicuous consumption . I like your yellow mini , I have a light grey one .

  7. 15th April 2018 / 18:03

    Thanks Wendy. I have had my mini for years. I love it but is getting a bit small to fit the grandchildren into.

  8. Mary
    15th April 2018 / 23:58

    I enjoy your blog and get many ideas from it. No evidence to me that it has slowed down. Your ideas are practical, fashionable, and within my reach.

  9. Sheila Coates
    16th April 2018 / 07:25

    I love your blog and I too get ideas from it. keep doing it please

  10. 17th April 2018 / 01:36

    Your clutch matches your MINI?
    I have a FIAT 500……………..
    I need your yellow clutch!!!!

  11. Pat
    26th April 2018 / 05:53

    I love, love your blog and appreciate that you show how to incorporate classics that stand the test of time rather than too many trends. I learn a lot from your looks and spcan usually shop my closet. I find I usually have a similar piece or look.

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