Haircare update

Haircare update. How to look after grey hair

I haven’t done a haircare update for a while. Today I am focusing on how I look after my now grey hair, or to be more precise salt and pepper hair. My hair has finally gone a nice silver grey colour at the front however the back seems to be staying a very annoying dark colour. I tried evening it out with blonde streaks but they went a sort of brassy colour which took me ages to grow out.

So now I am perpetually trying to keep my grey locks from looking dull and lifeless. Luckily I have always had thick slightly wavy hair so although it has become thinner over the last few years it still retains some of its bounce.

Haircare update

I still use my L’Oreal silver shampoo to keep my grey hair shiny and fresh.

I then use one of Philip Kingsley’s brightening conditioner for grey hair. I leave this on for about five minutes before rinsing well in warm and then cold water.

I occasionally give my hair a rest by using this Kérastase Discipline Curl Ideal Cleansing Conditioner. It is very gentle and gives my hair a bit of bounce. I decant some into a small plastic bottle for travelling. I definitely don’t risk packing my purple shampoo into a suitcase. If it leaked it would turn all my clothes purple. I like the colour purple but not that much.

This is a new find and I love it. It is called a Shooshing Crème by White Hot Hair. It adds body and bounce, helps lift the roots and adds texture. I rub some in my hands and use it after blow-drying. It is also useful as a pick me up if your hair is looking a bit flat.

This product by Josh Wood is, in my opinion, a little miracle for adding shine to dull grey hair. Available at Boots. You rub it into clean wet hair, leave for about 20 mins and then rinse out.

I never travel without a mini bottle of Batiste dry shampoo. It is great for rescuing lank lustre hair. It is best if you spray it on the roots the night before then brush through the next day.

I find that a medium-sized round brush helps to keep my unruly waves in place.

I also keep a small size brush in my handbag for emergencies.

More products ideal for coloured or grey hair:

For more information on how to look after different types of hair pop over to Unefemme’s excellent blog and read her post “Tips on how to look after your hair when travelling”. I have added my pearls of wisdom along with other well know bloggers.


  1. Ann Dunkerley
    14th February 2020 / 15:37

    I feel it’s time we all started to consider the effects on the environment and on animals. Label M is very good and doesn’t test on animals and are Sulphate, Paraben and Sodium Chloride Free. I use their Cool Blonde Shampoo (since brightening blond or grey hair, and avoiding brassiness is the same process as far as I know). I also use their Rejuvenating Conditioner. Both keep my white, grey hair and the few salt and pepper bits at the back in good condition.

    • 15th February 2020 / 11:52

      Thank you Ann I had never heard of Label M. I have done some research and they look very good. I will try out some of the thickening products.

  2. 14th February 2020 / 15:47

    This year is my 90th decade and my hair is still its original mouse shade. People think I dye my hair: I don’t. I would love to have silver hair!! Until 18 months ago I had perms!! Over the years the quality of these products seems to have deteriorated so I gave in at last only to find my hair was actually curly without any help. People now think my perms are great! Ha ha I enjoyed reading about your products. Josephine but now only indulge in a voluminising shampoo and a good setting lotion. Have you tried vinegar or lemon rinses after washing your hair? I used the latter for my MIL’s lovely white hair. Gives a lovely shine as does white vinegar. Oddly there is no lingering odour to the latter. How often do you wash your hair? Mine is seen three times a week. Doesn’t take long and the end result is worth it. Love your hairstyle!

  3. Sally
    14th February 2020 / 16:39

    Love the new hairstyle on you. I have the same difficulty with my hair, that is white at the front and quite dark at the back. I too tried highlights and have grown them out as the colour just didn’t suite me. Nobody I knew really noticed the difference anyway. I will certainly be trying some of these products. Sadly my hair is of the flat and floppy variety unlike your much thicker hair. I am envious! Incidentally I really liked the mauve Hope sweater you have been showing us and have finally given way to temptation so now one is winging its way to me.

  4. Paula Hartley
    14th February 2020 / 19:52

    Great cut and it really suits you!

  5. 15th February 2020 / 12:00

    I used to use vinegar and lemon rinses on my hair when I was younger but my hair seems to need more heavy duty products these days. I wash my hair about two or three times a week depending on what I am doing.

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