French wedding outfits. Yellow and coral the most popular colours.

French Weddings June 2015 Yellow outfits



French wedding coral outfits



French wedding in our local village



This is the second in my series of “French Weddings in our village”.  I definitely noticed a couple of very distinct colour stories going on. Yellow continues to be the most popular colour closely followed by coral and sometimes the combination of the two colours together.

Even if they did not appear in the main outfit they sometimes popped up in accessories such as yellow shoes. I was not at all sure about the yellow shorts!!! Nice outfit but in my opinion more suited to the beach. The men also joined the coral theme with their trousers. The his and hers matching ensemble was interesting but not really to my taste. Each to his or her own and it was a joyous occasion so who are we to criticise.

The two women came to sit next to me on the wall so I asked if I could take their photos. They kindly said yes. I think they both look stunning.  The beige top on the left did not come out well in the photo. In reality it was a sparkly gold fabric that simmered in the sunshine.


One of my readers recently asked for some advice on an outfit for a September and October wedding. Maybe some of the outfits might give some inspiration, I especially like this jacket which I think would link from late summer to early autumn in Europe.


I have had a look on the internet and have come up with some dresses and jackets in similar colours.









  1. Mel
    7th July 2015 / 14:03

    Oh how I love these French wedding photographs! So stylish yet not so fussy, unlike our English wedding outfits. Thank you so much for these

  2. Peace Thyme
    7th July 2015 / 16:10

    Shorts to a wedding, young lady? Well, I declare! Never thought I would see that!

    Lovely bright dresses…..just my style. Thank’s for the pics.

  3. Aurora
    7th July 2015 / 16:27

    Great photos I love the yellow ones most! Thank you

  4. M-T
    7th July 2015 / 23:29

    Love these pictures, Josephine. Yellow and coral are two of my favorites for spring and summer. Of course, you can still work them into a fall and winter ensemble very easily….in small doses.

    I love weddings in France…such joyous affairs.

    Cheers, M-T

  5. petra
    8th July 2015 / 00:39

    cna you tell me what is suitable wear for a weding in the welsh countryside in february(!) i haven’t bee to wales in the winter in 40 years, and now live in montreal.

    • 9th July 2015 / 15:55

      Hi Petra Gosh that is a tricky one. I will have to wait till the new seasons autumn collections are in the shops as it will be cold then and there can be a lot of rain in Wales. I would probably recommend a brightly coloured raincoat to wear to arrive in over a smart tweed dress or suit (tweed is very on trend) for the coming season.

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