Forward planning for the new Autumn season

Forward planning for the new Autumn season

The end of August always feels to me rather boring wardrobe wise. I seem to have been wearing my cottons and linens for several months now due to the warm late Spring we had in the UK and our recent trip to France. It is feeling a bit like groundhog day. So today I thought that I would talk about planning for the new Autumn season. The black single-breasted tailored blazer that I am wearing above is from MeandEm in their sale. If you missed my last post you can see my green double blazer also from MeandEm, and still available, here. Black trousers a few years old Winsesr London miracle trousers from JohnLewis&Partners.

Black single breasted jacket and white trousers

My prediction for this coming season is that we will be making more considered purchases and investing in clothes that we can wear for many years to come. We will be looking to make our wardrobes work harder than ever before. One of the ways to do this is to choose pieces that we can easily adapt to different situations whether that be working from home or meeting up with close friends and relatives.

I have always been a fan of good tailoring, especially in neutral colours such as black, grey, navy, brown or khaki, depending on what colours suit you best.

Classic black jacket

I consider my black jacket an all year round piece as I think that it looks just as good teamed with a pair of white cotton trousers and cotton tee.

Timeless black trousers and jacket

Do you use the sales to forward plan for the new Autumn season?

The photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram


    • Mary
      18th August 2020 / 17:59

      Your hair is looking great!

  1. margieUSA
    18th August 2020 / 16:39

    Josephine – I’m surprised to see you wearing black. You/I share the white hair (I have blue eyes) but I’m finding I don’t wear as much black as previously, especially near my face. I think the white and black that you are featuring is smashing. Gorgeous blazers!

    • 18th August 2020 / 18:45

      Hello Margie
      An interesting question. Now my hair has gone a silvery grey I seem to be able to wear black again plus brighter colours. An image consultant friend I used to work with did my colours last year. We chose the tone of each colour individually rather than the season system which means that you get a very accurate assessment. I used to look good in more muted colours now I need a higher contrast such as black and white or my bright pinks and blues which I still love.

  2. Eve
    18th August 2020 / 19:28

    I need the brighter colors too. I’m finding as I get older with silver hair that the colors I’ve always worn look too harsh next to my face but I still like them in jackets or pants. I’m wearing more colorful tops next to my face. I don’t care for pastels but medium blues, Pinks and yellows, even some greens, appeal to me now.

  3. Angela in NZ
    18th August 2020 / 20:54

    I always suited the bright and jewel colours as a dark brunette but in deciding to start the transition to grey I wasn’t sure if that would remain the case. Your response has helped to clarify the direction I need to stay on as my true colour comes in. Now all I need is for manufacturers to acknowledge that their idea of seasonal colours don’t work for all.

  4. Francesca B.
    18th August 2020 / 22:13

    Hi Josephine,
    I love this look! I wish I could wear jackets but I just don’t have a reason to wear them,but I did go to Me and Em and got a lovely olive pleated skirt thanks for the sale advice. Love your posts! Be happy:)

  5. 19th August 2020 / 14:03

    Hi Josephine,

    Very interesting about the color of your hair. Mine is white. I would love to have my colors done; not only informative but to make shopping so much easier! Just knowing a certain color/or shade suits one’s coloring would certainly assist in clothing color selections. I do like wearing white, if you can believe; your black suit with the white tee is very flattering….esp. with the black beads!

    Thanks for your reply; I’ve used your suggestions and purchased quite a few purchases from LFF and love them! Enjoy reading your blog; thank you for your hard work.

    Stay healthy.

    Margie L.

  6. derisarayi
    19th August 2020 / 15:41

    great article congratulations, i liked your page very much

  7. Flora
    20th August 2020 / 18:48

    I agree about being bored wearing linens and light clothes. Yesterday I went through my wardrobe and made up a few new combinations I am looking forward to wearing. Jackets are my favourite item of clothing I think they look youthful I base my outfits around them and so I’ve missed wearing them.

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