Extra fine merino wool

Extra fine merino wool - Uniqlo cardigan

I am a great fan of extra fine merino wool. I know that cashmere is luxurious and extremely soft and cosy. However it can be quite high maintenance and some varieties do bobble. Merino wool is very soft and an ideal workhorse for everyday use. It washes well and is hard wearing.

Uniqlo do some of the best available. Classic styles for everyday. I have just bought a black polo neck from myself as a layering piece to go under jackets and coats. I also bought a cardigan as a Christmas present for a family member.

If you prefer to stick with cashmere Uniqlo have a limited offer on select styles.

Uniqlo black poloturtle neck


Pink uniqlo polo neck



Uniqlo extra fine merino wool cardigan

Uniqlo extra fine merino wool polo/turtle neck 




  1. Libby
    9th December 2015 / 12:20

    Any wool at all has become an issue for me, especially when against skin..but these cardigans might work. Great price too. Yes, I find that all my cashmere pills, esp on the right side where my purse rubs it.

    • 9th December 2015 / 12:29

      Hi Libby
      I tend to wear a silk cami under my knits and when it is cold a long sleeve silk vest. I find this more comfortable.

  2. 9th December 2015 / 13:33

    Yes I totally agree with you I love super fine merino wool too. Today I have just purchased a classic fine Merino wool navy v neck from Next! It is surprisingly good quality and a great shade of navy £40 … Recommend

  3. Meredith Seiser
    9th December 2015 / 17:42

    How do you wash merino wool sweaters? Thank you.

    • 9th December 2015 / 18:45

      Hi Meredith
      I wash mine in a delicate wool cycle in my washing machine. I put them in one of those string laundry bags and always use woolite or a washing liquid for delicate fabrics.

  4. That's Not My Age
    10th December 2015 / 20:19

    I think Uniqlo’s cashmere is great and such a good price.

  5. cindy hattersley
    11th December 2015 / 02:32

    These are wonderful. Thanks for the tip!!

  6. Jacquie
    13th December 2015 / 01:48

    I’m trying to visualize a long sleeve silk vest under my wool knits. Would you mind providing a link to such a vest? Thanks ever so much.

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