Cool beige and white for summer

Beige trousers white shirt

Cool beige and white for summer seems like a refreshing mix.

I am still in experimental mode with my summer wardrobe. When I unpacked and sorted through last years summer pieces many of my lighter weight trousers were getting a bit tired and worn out. Now I could have repeated the same recipe and bought more of the same styles. However, I decided to try a couple of new shapes.

Details of above outfit:

White tee Cos / beige trousers Arket / St.Tropez pochette / Beige brogues many years old (similar)

Beige trousers star print scarf

I know there is much written about finding your own unique style and that is fine. If it works stick with it. If I look back at my style in decades it has evolved not just with my changing figure shape and lifestyle but also with my mindset and emotions. I recently visited the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A museum. I would highly recommend it, a real trip down memory lane. It brought back memories of those years of wanton experimentation. I am sure that some of the styles I wore then did not conform to my “figure shape rules” but it was such fun.

During the years when I worked in the fashion industry, I was lucky enough to have access to high fashion with a discount, heaven! I later worked in the corporate market running seminars and speaking at conferences. In this environment we had a very strict dress code, mostly navy blue suits, no trousers allowed only skirts.

I now work from home and can dress in a more relaxed style. Society has also evolved, more casual dress codes are acceptable and even embraced. As I approach my late 60s I feel the urge to push the boundaries, to have fun with fashion, to take risks, to break the rules and try new looks. When we take risks in life not everything works out; yet if we never try we never know. If not now when?

Beige trousers, white shirt star scarf

I find that adding a scarf to a simple outfit adds a touch of interest and expresses your personality. The dark grey and beige star print scarf I am wearing is from St.Tropez market.

Beighe trousers & white shirt
leopard print scarf/stole

A great tip to extend your wardrobe especially when you are travelling is to include a large scarf/stole in your suitcase. It is incredibly versatile. Here I am using it as a top. I have added a belt to keep it in place. If you are not a fan of belts you could keep it in place with a strategically placed broach. My vibrant coloured scarf/stole is from St.Tropez market.

Well, it was certainly a lively debate on my last post on trousers. I always welcome all your comments, provided they are respectful. It is good to have a different opinion on what we like and what we don’t.

I thought I would do some research on wide trousers over the decades and came up with the following image of Coco Chanel in the South of France. She was slim but definitely petite. So my wide trousers will be coming with me when I go to St.Tropez in June. I think that will be a better environment for them.

Good article of women wearing wide leg trousers over the years (not all tall, thin or young) shown by one of my favourite brands MeandEm, who offer great examples of this style. I also wrote a post on wide trousers with examples in 2015.


  1. Anon
    14th May 2019 / 16:43

    I love these pants on you, Josephine. The high rise and pleats emphasize your narrow waist. They’re very feminine!

    I looked at the Mary Quant photos and realized that the skirts and dresses also emphasize the waist. The ones with short hemlines are an A-line shape, again showing off the narrower waist, and allowing for freedom of movement. These two features are in short supply now. Shorter hemlines taper in at the hemline, so no freedom of movement. Many skirts and dresses are square in shape, as if the female form is supposed to be like a man’s, without curves. And everything is tight like a sausage casing.

    Why can’t we have clothing that recognizes our feminine shape and lets us move, too? I think this is why I have stopped wearing skirts and dresses except on special occasions. Ironically, pants are the winner when it comes to recognizing the female form, allowing freedom of movement and skimming the body, rather than squeezing it. Coco Chanel looks far more feminine and classy in pants than any of the sausage-casing, cleavage-flashing, mini-skirted, flesh-compressed Hollywood stars of today.

    • 15th May 2019 / 09:16

      Hi Anon
      Thank you for your very helpful comment. I agree I find good feminine dresses very hard to find. I will be doing some research on the subject shortly and see what I come up with.

  2. 14th May 2019 / 16:58

    Josephine: Have you ever heard of these? I had seen them advertised (thank you, targeted IG adverts!) and then saw them at a luxury women’s clothes shop last weekend. Really a great idea, and I’m looking at the scarf you are showing with a belt. These might work well? They’re on Amazon so probably ship to U.K.??

    Don’t think the wide trousers are for me…but then again..I should try them on!

    • 15th May 2019 / 09:18

      Hi Libby
      Thanks for sharing the link. I had a quick look but will investigate further when I have time.

  3. Christine Trory
    14th May 2019 / 17:42

    I think you look fabulous in this outfit, feminine but relaxed. I so agree that it’s good to break the rules/change things up a bit – sometimes hard to do. Thanks for your continued thoughts and inspiration.

    • 15th May 2019 / 09:20

      Hi Christine
      Thank you for your comment. I think I have always quite liked to break the rules and even more as I get older.

  4. Eileen
    14th May 2019 / 20:29

    I’m a pear shape also, and this style and the wide leg style of pants work well, especially if at the waist. I think I read that pear shaped ladies are only 20 percent of the female population, and pants are a harder fit than dresses or skirts. So I’m glad to see some other options.

    • 15th May 2019 / 09:27

      Hi Eileen
      That is an interesting statistic I thought the percentage might have been higher. Personally I find dresses quite difficult as they either fit on the top and are too small on the hips or vice versa. That is why I usuall prefer separates.

  5. Margie (USA)
    14th May 2019 / 21:17


    Love, absolutely, love this outfit. The white shirt(s) with the linen pants, pearls…terrific…classy, great “non-color” combination, esp.with the scarf…delicious. I’ve always loved wearing wider-legged pants and am happy to see they are returning. I’m not a legging person since I’m not blessed with a small build; I’ve always thought the movement of the wider-legged pant is more feminine. Thank you for featuring such a classy ootd. But…do you have any information on the interesting necklace you are wearing?

    • 15th May 2019 / 09:31

      Hi Margie
      Thank you for your kind words and glad you are embracing the wider trousers. My necklace was from Cos a few years ago. I think they are in the USA so would be worth a look.

  6. Georgia Piech-Pander
    15th May 2019 / 01:00

    Hello Josephine!

    Love you and your blog.

    Am a fan of wide leg slacks with a nice waist. I like a small top with them and belt as well. But I’ve also used a black pair on a cruise with several long sleeved looser tops and a wide belt.

    I do enjoy you and your thoughts and ideas about relaxed and lovely living.

    Thanks! You are the best.

    • 15th May 2019 / 12:01

      Hi Georgia
      Thank you for sharing your outfits sound great to me.

  7. Angela in NZ
    15th May 2019 / 02:18

    Love that you are not afraid of experimenting. The last time wide pants were on trend I bought a pair and after a good few years hanging in the wardrobe unworn, yet tried on many times, I reluctantly donated them. With very little waist and a flat behind anything wide or tucked just doesn’t flatter me. Happy to see others do it well though.

  8. Gillian
    15th May 2019 / 08:30

    I’ve always avoided beige and white together, thinking they did nothing for my complexion which is like yours( fair-skinned blond)but I’ve changed my mind after seeing this post, you look fantastic !! So this summer it’ll be beige and white, and I’ll be down to St Tropez looking for scarves ( not far from where we live) Thanks so much for opening a new fashion window.

    • 17th May 2019 / 09:44

      Glad you will be trying the beige/white combination. Maybe we will bump into each other in St.Tropez market.

  9. 15th May 2019 / 15:38

    I can’t wear wide pants but I like them on you, Josephine. I have beige coloured trousers but never wear them as nothing seems to “go” with them. I have masses of white tops/blouses so must try one of these.
    (The Maggies magnetic fasteners sound intriguing!)

  10. Sally
    16th May 2019 / 18:02

    I was worried that wide legged trousers would make me look rather dumpy as I am only average height but I decided to give them a go when I saw you wearing some. I love them. I am currently wearing a pair of white linen M and S ones with a tight fitting belt, white t shirt and coral coloured linen long cardigan. They are really easy and comfortable to wear and will be great in hot weather. I think it is a matter of getting used to a new look as we are all used to wearing tight fitting trousers for the past few years. It is important to try new things. After all if it is awful you don’t have to exit the changing room.

    • 17th May 2019 / 09:37

      Hi Sally
      Your outfit sounds great. I am glad my post inspired you to try something new.

  11. 16th May 2019 / 20:10

    Josephine, I really like the white and beige together. No idea why I’ve always thought that wouldn’t work — not matchy-matchy enough? LOL!

    Seriously, it’s a great look. I’m going to copy it. 🙂


  12. MaureenC
    17th May 2019 / 07:17

    Love this look on you, I’m a very enthusiastic wearer of wide trousers but I’m a very different shape (apple) so I always go for a lower rise with a flat front avoiding zips, pockets and waist details at all cost.
    Susan on her Une Femme blog has written very honestly about the struggle to move on from a fifty year habit of always thinking looking thinner means looking better and I think this is why many women are resistant to this silhouette. I think many mature women erroneously think that slim trousers always make them look “thinner” whist they actually end up looking a little like American footballers, an inverted v with all the emphasis on their shoulders.

  13. 17th May 2019 / 09:30

    Thank you Maureen for joining the conversation. Sounds like you have adapted the wide trousers well to suit your figure. Wise words about us wanting to look thinner, I don’t think it is a good look as we get older as our faces especially our skin can look a bit haggard. As the French say either our faces or our bums (butts). I choose my face to look as good as possible and adapt my clothes to suit my changing figure.

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