Comfortable sandals and shoes

Comfortable summer sandals

These days I find that comfortable sandals and shoes are of paramount importance. Long gone are the days when I would squeeze my feet into fashionable but not comfortable shoes. I can still remember those squashed toes and blisters of yesteryear. Luckily comfortable sandals and shoes have become synonymous with style and are very “on trend”. My feet are extremely grateful.

My clothes wardrobe is looking quite perky and put together this season but my collection of shoes were lagging sadly behind. I have been tending to default to my tried and tested Fitflop white trainers. So I decided to do some research and make a couple of purchases.

First port of call was sandals. Sadly my feet no longer look good in thin strappy sandals due to the fact that I have some swelling in my toes and ankles. Delicate shoes simply tend to accentuate this problem. Also, I need my sandals to be sturdy as I do a lot of walking. I have chosen a variety of styles in my collage above. I purchased the blue/silver sturdy Fitflop sandals (top left corner). You will see me wearing them in my post this Friday.

Details of above: Navy/silver plait sandals FitFlop | Beige snakeskin sandals Nordstrom | Black sandals Fitflop | Snakeskin strappy sandals Charles & Keith (US link) | Red wedge sandals Boden | Beige strappy wedge sandals Ecco | Black sandals with silver ring Gabor | Beige sporty sandals Clarks.

Comfortable sandals

I also found some very stylish slip-on shoes, lace-ups and trainers during my research. Most of the styles I have chosen have nice thick soles as I find thin soles can be slippy especially in wet weather plus thicker soles give my feet more support.

Details of above: Animal print pump Boden | Beige espadrilles Boden | Beige stripe canvas pumps Fitflop | Black fabric trainer JohnLewisandPartners | Black fabric trainers Charles & Keith (US link) | Beige basket weave trainers | Mushroom slip-on trainer Ecco | Metallic stripe espadrille Fitflop.

I discovered a new brand Charles & Keith which seems to have been getting a lot of publicity recently. I am not surprised as they offer some very stylish shoes at reasonable prices. I bought a pair of multi-coloured fun trainers and a pair of light blue plimsols. You have to be quick as many of the styles sell out quickly. Charles & Keith have a dedicated US site so my American readers can check out all the Charles & Keith shoes I have featured there. I have checked out their sustainable credentials which you can read here.

On another subject Me&Em have just started their sale with up to 50% off. I am tempted by one of their jackets I love their tailoring.

JohnLewis&Partners have a clearance sale with up to 70% off.

More comfortable shoes


  1. Bunty
    15th June 2020 / 16:54

    I do love a comfy shoe! Particularly like those Fitflop sandals. I have found Josef Seibel and Geox also good for shoes I can walk in.

    • 15th June 2020 / 17:43

      Hello Bunty
      I have tried Geox, a friend of mine loves them, but so far not much luck with the fit.

  2. Dolly
    15th June 2020 / 17:23

    Hello Josephine, I was happy that you mentioned the problem of swelling toes and ankles. I have the same problem so when I buy sandals I look for a shoe where I can adjust the straps in three places: across the toes, across the top of my foot and around the ankle. That way I can customize the fit of my sandals.

  3. Karen
    15th June 2020 / 17:59

    I swear by Birkenstocks. I have several pairs of the sandals and wear them about eight months of the year (I live in southern Nevada). I also like Joseph Seibel, and my Sketchers canvas slip ons are great. I do not wear shoes that aren’t comfy.

  4. 15th June 2020 / 20:42

    I buy Flyflot sandals from Pavers. Inexpensive and SO comfortable, but also because I can find a size 2 here. I take a 2/5/34 size shoe but need to go down a size with Flyflots. Have graduated from high heels to kitten heels for dress up occasions. Have Sketchers trainers (size 2) to wear with jeans but not 100% keen on them.

  5. 15th June 2020 / 20:44

    Correction : 2.5. and 35.

  6. 16th June 2020 / 14:58

    I’m living in my Vans these days. I just gave away a whole bunch of pretty shoes – I realized when I was sorting through shoes that they were giving off a cloud of dust, so … obviously I hadn’t worn them for quite some time!

  7. Sue
    17th June 2020 / 04:20

    After years of pounding hospital and university pavement, my feet had a total breakdown at a conference in Germany. A very professional lady in the Gesundefuss (Healthy Feet, in English) shop saw me hobbling past and ran out to help me in and fixed me up with Ganter Activ shoes and sandals with a rocker type, very thick footbed and I haven’t looked back! Oh, how I love these shoes! They cured my problem and I could enjoy my working holiday! Not the most attractive but I was truly crippled! They are all I can wear for extended walking. I am so grateful to the sales lady. They really know their stuff in Germany.

  8. 17th June 2020 / 09:06

    Hello Sue
    They seem to sell Ganter Activ on Amazon so I had a look they had some nice looking ankle boots. I will need to replace my walking boots soon so will keep them in mind.

    • Sue
      17th June 2020 / 09:25

      Actually,,,,, if you want to have some fun (love that Eurostar!) once the borders open safely, there is a fabulous shoe shop in Leuven, Belgium called Mertens, just up the walking mall from the cathedral. They have a great range of Ganter and are very helpful. And they gave me their special 450 years of business anniversary bag! I always spend a lovely day in Leuven when I am in Brussels and visit Mertens.

  9. Maisie
    17th June 2020 / 10:41

    Feet are so important, especially as most of us have some problems as we get older. I like the styles you’ve shown here and will check them out. I have two pairs of sandals from Hotter, I can highly recommend, sooo comfortable, and they look good too. Btw, your recent post on foot care was much appreciated, and the link to a site with very useful products for bunions, hammer toes etc, which I have !

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