Can older women wear pink?

Can older women wear pink?

I continue my love affair with all things pink. I guess I have always loved this soft pastel feminine colour. I have a memory of being about five years old and wanting to wear a frilly pink party dress to go out and play in the garden. My mother had other ideas!

The sweater I am wearing above is a gossamer fine cashmere from WoolOvers (US link). It is  slightly transparent so I wore a camisole underneath.

I was introduced to WoolOvers last autumn (See how I wore their deep pink cashmere here.) They currently have a sale on selected items here (US offers). I have teamed the sweater with a pair of linen/ cotton blend crop trousers by MeandEm. I am beginning to embrace the new crop trousers. When you add the appropriate accessories, especially shoes I think they are a fresh look for summer.

Pink sweater with azaleas

For extra pzazz I have added a deeper toned pink scarf. I got mine from St.Tropez market (similar at John Lewis and Nordstrom). White shoes at MandS

Pink sweater among the azaleas

Pearl necklace also St.Tropez market. Similar at Etsy. Pink/pearl earrings similar at Etsy

Pink sweater among the azaleas

Pink swearer among azaleas

I do think we can wear pink provided it suits our colouring. It depends on the style which needs to be modern and chic. If you have warm colouring you could substitute pink for a soft coral.



PS. Finery are holding a 3 day summer sale (ends midnight 24th May). 25% off. Just in time for the summery weather here in London. I am going to have a look this afternoon.

I had such fun taking these photos with Julie of Jaf in the box. They were shot at Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. The azaleas were in full bloom and provided the perfect background.

See more of Julie’s stunning photos on her Instagram


  1. Suzanne Lagle
    22nd May 2017 / 15:24

    You look lovely, and I am embracing the color this year as well, especially in accessories.

    • 22nd May 2017 / 15:29

      I agree Suzanne accessories are a great way to go with colour and there is such a variety in the shops this season

  2. 22nd May 2017 / 15:34

    You look lovely in pink and absolutely older women can wear pink! The color dominates my wardrobe. It is a color that I have embraced as I have gotten older. In my younger days, I wore red; but as I’ve aged, my skin coloring/texture has shifted somewhat and now red makes me look a bit harsh. Pink has been a wonderful substitute. It flatters my skin. Pink stands alone gracefully, but it’s also a lovely neutral useful to serving as a foundation for an attractive outfit.

    • 22nd May 2017 / 17:19

      Hi Karen
      I can still wear red and it is going to be very popular for next autumn. However it need to be a soft blue red. Pink makes me feel more cheerful.

  3. kathryn rance
    22nd May 2017 / 15:57

    A lovely idea. My first tutu as a child was pink. My mother made it. I have found for practicality I wear a lot of neutrals, black, brown, beige, etc. As we age they can be a bit drab. A scarf of jewellery in any shade of pink can freshen the look. In Argentina they have a beautiful light coral-coloured gem stone which is perfect. Wearing any shade of pink close to the face is great as we age. Difficult to find just what you want when you need it so I find best to keep an eye out to pick accessories up whenever I am near a shop. Gerry Weber often has pink or coral co-ordinates.

    • 22nd May 2017 / 17:17

      Hi Kathryn
      Love the story of the tutu. My daughter had a pink one too.
      Colour near the face is usually a good option or some silver/gold jewellery.

  4. Viv Butler
    22nd May 2017 / 16:14

    Stunning pictures, and the delicate pink is very flattering, so yes ‘older’ women can definitely wear pink in the right tone.

  5. 22nd May 2017 / 17:04

    Loving the pink on you, and the setting is perfect. I’ve always liked cropped pants whether loose or tight at the bottom. I just feel sporty and good in them, and with my ubiquitous flats they always look nice. I went quickly to the US site for WoolOvers: thank you for the introduction! Looks very promising indeed….
    Just got a new suitcase for my trip. Are we still on for the 24th? I’ve upgraded my room at that hotel as daughter is now arriving later; but made reservation for tea..if that still works.

    • 22nd May 2017 / 17:14

      Hi Libby
      Thanks for your comment. Yes 24th in my diary. Looking forward to it.

  6. Wendy A
    22nd May 2017 / 17:17

    You look stunning in pink, which remains one of my favorite colors. If I may be so bold to say, I love the combination of pink sweater and cropped white trousers but I think you may want to try a skin-toned shoe next time. Instead of an elegant long line, I find my eye is caught at your shoes. Maybe it’s because I am short and always yearn to look taller?

    • 22nd May 2017 / 17:25

      Hi Wendy A
      I agree the shoes are quite a statement and white shoes are very on trend this season. I think they look OK with the white trousers and I am 5’7″. I would definitely wear nude shoes if it was a dress as my legs are not great.

  7. Nikki S
    22nd May 2017 / 20:14

    New to the blog and enjoying it.

    • 23rd May 2017 / 07:47

      Welcome to my blog Nikki S. Glad you like it.

  8. MaureenC
    23rd May 2017 / 09:14

    I love pink but it has to be magenta, fuchsia or hot pink for me, if I wear pastels people keep clutching my arm and asking if I’m ok because they think I’m about to faint!

  9. Vanity And Me Style
    25th May 2017 / 22:37

    I share a love of this pink with you Josephine. And I’m a big Woolovers fan too. The jumper is gorgeous. I so wished I had a photographer! These photos are stunning.

    • 26th May 2017 / 11:22

      Yes I do think that Woolovers offers good value for money.

  10. Maryann
    8th February 2018 / 20:37

    You look great in pastel pink. Very pretty!

  11. Aileen
    14th February 2024 / 07:30

    You b look great in pink, and also as a mature woman, love wearing various tones of pink

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