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MandS Activewear


I always find towards the end of January a difficult time of year. We may have made those resolutions or intentions to eat better, exercise more, clear out our wardrobe or generally lead a less cluttered and healthier lifestyle.

Exercise is one of the hardest ones. I had certainly let my exercise schedule lapse while I was in France and am only now getting back into my normal regime.

Buying a few new activewear pieces can give us a lift and encourage us to make the effort to go to classes or the gym. Maybe it reminds us of a new uniform on the first day back at school. Who knows.


Straight leg cotton rich jogger //  by MandS Black trainers by MandS / water bottle /   active headband textured running top / turquoise running jacket / sports ankle socks / duffle sports bag.






Tu at Sainsbury active wear


All activewear above from a selection  Tu-Clothing at Sainsbury.



JDWilliams activewear

Modal straight leg trousers  / grey performance vest /performance jacket / pink lace up trainers / sports travel bag.





None of the items I have used are expensive just in case we may be feeling a bit short of cash after our December expenses.



Fitbit 2




Don’t forget you Fitbit tracker, a great tool for tracking your activity available at Nordstrom and JohnLewis.



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  1. Viv Butler
    27th January 2016 / 16:51

    Dressing for the part – I think this is very important for the gym, one immediately feels more motivated than in an old Tee and baggy sweatpants, and as you say there are some very reasonably priced garments out there to set us on our way ….. so new bodies for Easter !

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