A magical day in Paris

Yesterday was one of the best days I have spent in Paris. I have worked in Paris, shopped in Paris and done the tourist thing however yesterday was magical.

When I set the date to meet up with Susan of Unefemme  (you must check out her blog she has some superb photos of her trip to France) we had planned a mini bloggers conference which involved lunch, gossip, catch up and a workshop at L’Aritisan to learn more about perfumes. I had not taken into consideration that 1st May is a major French holiday National Labour Day also known as  “La Fete du Muguet”  when friends and family wish happiness and good luck to each other by the giving and receiving of a bunch of Lily of the Valley.

The best laid plans of mice and men. All the shops were closed and we simply had to go with the flow usually the best way to approach life.  The day turned out to be just wonderful.  I saw Paris through different eyes watching the Parisians at play. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun despite the intermittent showers.



A bunch of Lily of the Valley or Muguets



A glimpse of the Seine through the trees



I love the way you can buy books while strolling along by the Seine. Parisians are great book lovers.



Parisians at leisure in the Jardin de Tuileries



Susan looking chic and perfectly dressed for the changeable weather. Love the shoes, practical and very “a la mode”.  See below



Trainers were very much in evidence on the feet of elegant Parisians



Paris in the Spring. Is there anything more beautiful



And the sun did shine!



A blogger taking a photo of a blogger taking a photo.



Art is part of life in Paris and is found everywhere



The posh Parisians enjoying lunch in the Avenue Montaigne



Paris would not be complete without beautifully decorated windows



Not forgetting the stunning architecture

I intend to continue with my exploration of French perfumes and plan to visit paris again in the near future so watch this space.

If you are in the UK have a great Bank holiday week-end. Maybe we should adopt the French tradition of giving each other flowers and wishing luck and happiness both of which I hope you have in abundance.



  1. plutrell
    2nd May 2014 / 18:22

    How I would love to have been there with the two of you…looks so wonderful..and Susan looks like she belongs there!

  2. tamerabeardsley
    2nd May 2014 / 18:29

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful adventure, with Susan in Paris! Your photos are sublime!

  3. 2nd May 2014 / 19:16

    Looks like you had a good time anyway – and I love the idea of giving flowers

  4. 2nd May 2014 / 22:41

    Yes please! (To the flowers and the good wishes).

    I’m also quite inspired by the sneakers (or trainers). They look really comfy and surprisingly stylish. Will have to have a go at them (once my current financial crisis is over)

  5. 3rd May 2014 / 06:03

    I love wandering in Paris on holiday days when shops are closed and parks are full. It looks as if you had fun together and your photos are lovely. The muguets are such a charming French tradition.

  6. 3rd May 2014 / 06:15

    The title of this post totally grabbed me. I’ve eaten at L’Avenue lots of times…fun for people watching during Fashion Week. OH i miss Paris…you lucky woman!

  7. 3rd May 2014 / 06:29

    Josephine, thank you SO much for coming over to meet up! I had such a splendid time and your photos are wonderful.

  8. 3rd May 2014 / 09:17

    Oh Josephine and Susan I am so delighted you ladies got to meet, I imagine you had a lovely time. I came to J’s blog via Susan’s so I wish I could have been a third wheel! The photos are terrific, thanks for sharing them.

  9. wendy mcleod macknight
    3rd May 2014 / 10:20

    what a wonderful tradition! you two look like you had a grand time and i love those trainers!

  10. Reyes
    3rd May 2014 / 15:49

    Does anyone know what type of trainers the elegant Parisians are wearing? have been looking for pair like the black and neon to wear sans socks.

  11. 3rd May 2014 / 18:59

    So funny I left Paris on May 1st (perfect timing), I was there for a week for the first time! I have similar pictures. Looking forward to working with you on Fashion Flash, I am new as well! My blog is Society Wellness. xo

  12. Pondside
    3rd May 2014 / 23:29

    What a lovely day that must have been.
    I’d like to embrace the tradition of giving one another flowers!

  13. 5th May 2014 / 10:30

    Lovely photos, they certainly bring to mind the special Parisian vibe… I just got back from 3 weeks travel in India, different but so very special. Come and see my photo diary… Sara

  14. 6th May 2014 / 23:00

    I never cease to tire of images of Paris – thank you. Lily of the valley reminds me of my childhood when it was readily grown in peoples’ gardens and scented the spring air. Unfortunately with the changing climatic conditions it is now very rarely seen and difficult to buy. However, Lily of the valley grows wildly amongst the rocks on the terrace of My French Folly……… now I just have to be in France in the right season to delight in its perfume! Warm regards

  15. stylecrone
    7th May 2014 / 15:00

    How lovely to meet Susan in Paris. You photos are gorgeous. I hope to visit Paris in the fall, which would be my first time.

  16. 9th May 2014 / 17:38

    Wonderful post!!! Even though Paris is not my favorite city….I prefer London!!!…..where you can buy books everywhere too!! This is inspiring, will get some flowers today for my sister and daughter. About trainers…..don’t know about that yet, but Parisians look comfortable and chic wearing them.

    Thanks Mercedes

  17. Rita
    10th May 2014 / 15:15

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. If it is not too much trouble for you and Susan, what purse style and brand is wearing in the photo? Also her coat, jeans and sneakers! She looks adorable and chic! Wonderful photos!

  18. Rita
    11th May 2014 / 13:12

    Thank you so much! I will contact her! She has a great blog, too!

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