What I have been watching recently

What I have been watching recently. Films and series in 2022

February has been a long cold month here in London and I have definitely needed some light relief in the evenings. Below is a list of the films and series that I have been watching recently.

We are close to the completion date of our house sale and will be moving next week. It has certainly been a long and stressful experience.

On the subject of de-cluttering

I had thought that I was quite good at de-cluttering. I sort out my wardrobe each season however when you have to clear every cupboard and draw it is amazing to have to acknowledge the amount of clutter that you have collected over the years. A garage is another potential hazard area as everything seems to get shoved there and potentially forgotten about. We have to make one more visit to the municipal recycling depot.

It is not helping that I now have a very painful frozen shoulder and need to spend time visiting a physiotherapist. Anyway back to the films I have been watching.


Lighthearted and I would classify as “light entertainment”. Just what I needed some evenings. I think that I preferred the first series. I did not find the clothes at all attractive and certainly not very French or Parisian. Too flamboyant and garish for my taste. The film showed a fantasy version of Paris. The best character and the best dressed was in my opinion Sylvie, the head of the agency. A good mood lifter and escapist film.


I watched the first series and enjoyed it. The second series has been bought up to date and includes the pandemic and how the media reacts to it and tells the story. The characters are well played however I did find the general hysteria and the use of the “F” word a bit too repetitive.


Death to 2021 is a satirical review of 2021 produced by Netflix. A sequel to Death to 2020. It features a series of fictional characters discussing US news in 2021, including the Covid pandemic, vaccine misinformation and Big Tech.

It depends on your sense of humour. I watched both the series and did quite enjoy them. They are definitely tongue in cheek comedy. If you have had a difficult time in the last couple of years I would not really recommend this movie. Hugh Grant as the narrator I thought was excellent.


This film is about a woman enjoying a quiet seaside vacation. It takes an unsettling turn when she becomes obsessed with a young mother staying at a nearby villa awakens. This awakens memories of her past. The main character is acted by Olivia Colman, who plays the part extremely well. It is quite dark both in cinematography and in the storyline. It takes some working out but I did enjoy it.


Set in the early 1920s. A local woman with a conventional mindset is asked to chaperone a rebellious young teenager, Louise on her fame-seeking journey to New York City to study dance. The older woman finds her life forever changed after this adventure.

I think this was my favourite movie. I became very attached to the characters and loved the period and the costumes.


This movie follows the journeys of nine very different characters who arrive at a wellness retreat that promises “total transformation”. There the guests fall under the spell of the enigmatic Marsha. As the days unfold the unorthodox methods threaten to push the combustible group over the edge.

A bit “woowoo” but the characters are quite interesting as they reveal their many hidden secrets.

Do add the names of any movies or series that you have enjoyed recently in the comments box below.


  1. Sandra
    18th February 2022 / 15:13

    I enjoyed “CODA” very much; about a high school student and her deaf family (nominated for a few Academy Awards). It’s on AppleTV. Good luck with your move and I hope your shoulder soon feels better! We sold our house in 2014 and were so happy to downsize.

  2. 18th February 2022 / 15:22

    I enjoyed Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen in “The Good Liar” on Netflix. but think this is being discontinued, possibly today. Liked “Nine Perfect Strangers” though it was odd in parts. “Outlander” takes some watching but is somewhat addictive. The new Jack Reacher (Prime) is just right as the character depicted in the books. Violent but watchable if you like thrillers. I also liked “Military Wives” on Prime.

    • 18th February 2022 / 15:36

      Loved The Good Liar! Jack Reacher was a rollicking ride and they got it right with the actor playing Reacher (tiny Tom never cut it). Good Guys beating Bad Guys. Can’t wait for season 2!

  3. 18th February 2022 / 15:24

    Pressed the wrong button. Meant to say I hope your shoulder is better very soon and that you will be able take a breather when all is settled.

  4. 18th February 2022 / 15:29

    After Life (all 3 seasons) is my favorite of any series I have ever seen on Netflix (or Amazon Prime, for that matter). Superb acting. Each character is a work of art. Riotously funny and heartbreakingly sad. I wish it would return year after year so I could see how each of the village residents was doing.

  5. Sandra+Lawrence
    18th February 2022 / 17:28

    Nine Perfect Strangers is based on a book by the same author (Australian Liane Moriarty) who wrote Big Little Lies – made into a great series featuring Nicole Kidman & Reese Witherspoon.

  6. Paris05
    18th February 2022 / 19:41

    I love Emily in Paris, and agree with your comments on the fashion. But, oh, Paris, always so beautiful, I didn’t really take too much notice of the characters, I was too busy with the views! Hope the house move goes well.

  7. Angela
    18th February 2022 / 19:50

    We know that downsizing will be necessary in 4 or 5 years time but early searches are not proving very helpful. Wrong mindset perhaps. Frozen shoulder is such a loathsome thing. My personal experience came just as I took on looking after my 8 month old grandson for 2 days a week. It really does take some time to come right and knowing your limits must be factored into recovery. Be kind to yourself. And yes, watching movies can take your mind off it. Enjoy your new abode.

  8. Pru
    18th February 2022 / 21:40

    Wishing you a speedy recovery with the frozen shoulder Josephine, it sounds as if you are doing all the right things to aid recovery!

  9. Brenda Chell
    18th February 2022 / 22:15

    Get better soon Josephine, a frozen shoulder is horrid. It’s almost impossible to reach for your clothes in the wardrobe. Physio and rest is the best thing, also keep it warm. Good to give yourself time to watch these films and thank you for your thoughts on them. Wish you well with your move and in your new home. Take care and don’t overdo things.

  10. Pat
    18th February 2022 / 22:56

    Hope your shoulder heals smoothly! Thanks for the list as all look very intriguing. I liked The Lost Daughter. Emily in Paris is a sweet diversion. I recently saw two films that I loved – Belfast and Parallel Mothers. I also saw Don’t Look Up which is thought provoking and a bit satirical.

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