Trip to St.Tropez market

Trip to St. Tropez Market

One of my favourite pastimes while we are in Grimaud it to visit the market in St. Tropez. There is one held ever Tuesday and Saturday morning in the main square, Place de Lices. At this time of year the market is quiet. There are not so many stalls and very few tourists, only locals. There is still plenty to explore and I have  great fun rummaging around the jewellery and accessory stalls. Picking out the few treasured from the junk. Many of the pieces that I wear on this blog come from St. Tropez market. The nearest equivalent I have found on line with similar individual and quirky pieces is Etsy.

This year’s trend was definitely hats, especially the knitted caps with fur bobbles. I could not resist the one below and it came home with me. I love the vibrant red colour and it keeps my head warm and cosy when the mistral wind blows.


It was a difficult choice between the bobble hat and the soft red fedora above. Perhaps I should have bought both. If I go back to the market next week it might still be there. I love hats as you can see here. Although I am running out of space to store them all.



The best flower stall in the market.

Shop window in one of the side streets. Ethnic interiors.

There still seems to be a lot of the bright cobalt blue around as witnessed in my Paris street style post.


  1. Linda
    13th January 2017 / 14:06

    I love both of the hats! You look good in a hat! I miss wearing winter clothes since I now live in very hot Florida!!!

  2. 13th January 2017 / 14:58

    Oh what fun! Love those hats with the fur pompoms…first saw them over a year ago in Boston and, would you believe, they were close to $200.00!!! Just shows you that once something becomes popular, how the price drops! P.S. The fedora is also wonderful on you. Wish I liked hats more…I only wear them for sun protection.

    • 13th January 2017 / 17:45

      I know those pompom style hats were also very expensive in London when they first came out. The one I bought in the market was 10 euros.

  3. Ivy
    13th January 2017 / 15:53

    You look beautiful on the hats.

  4. Viv Butler
    13th January 2017 / 16:45

    Both hats look gorgeous on you, and yes you should have bought both ! Hope the red fedora is still there next time you go to the market.

  5. Eleni
    13th January 2017 / 17:06

    Do splurge on the red fedora, it suits you so well. In the Fall I did pick up a black Pom-Pom hat which seems to go with everything. My 8 year old granddaughter also picked up a multi coloured one – she said we were both “cool”.

  6. Christine
    13th January 2017 / 17:31

    You look great in that red hat with the pompom. I just look like a boiled egg with a cosy when I wear that type of hat!

    • 13th January 2017 / 17:43

      Hat shape definitely depends on face shape. No hat fits all!

  7. Linda
    14th January 2017 / 05:12

    The hats are great! I could use the bobble hat on my daily walks. The red looks good on you.

  8. Wendy
    15th January 2017 / 09:21

    Loved this little tour of St. Tropez. Looks like even the south of France is a bit chilly at the moment. Both hats look great!

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