Trip to Marseille

View of cathedral de la Garde early morning from hotel



On our way down to Grimaud we had an overnight stay in Marseille. A city I had never visited before. We found it fascinating. Visually exciting  with extremes in architectural design ranging from the Basilique Notre Dame de La Garde built in 1864 to the stunning Mucem museum build in 2013. 1960s concrete tower blocks,in the brutalist style, were dotted among the more traditional houses.



Inside Cathedral de la Garde

The inside of the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde



Exterior of Mucem Marseille




Cafe at Mucem



Mecum Museum  (Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée). Definitely worth a visit if you are staying in or near Marseille. They host some amazing events.  We just missed a  Picasso exhibition  27th April to 29th August.



Graffitti in Marseille



Marseille is a multi cultural city and definitely has an edge to it. Some of the Grafitti was magnificent.



In front of Graffitti wall - Marseille



The weather was hot and sunny with intermittent gusts of chilly winds. This cape came in extremely useful.



View of Port from hotel window

View of the Port from out hotel window.



Me in restaurant square - Marseille



There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from in Marseille. I would highly recommend the one we went to Les Arcenaulx. The fish and vegetables were very fresh.






  1. Mutton_style on IG or Annemarie
    30th April 2016 / 17:41

    Marseille and Nice are both towns we are fond of. I imagine it was refreshing to get a bit of warmer weather. You avoided our English snow this week. The cape looks fabulous and very handy.

  2. Denise
    30th April 2016 / 20:06

    I dont know what to say The photos are breathtaking. What a view from your room. The weather looks as if it was absolutely gorgeous .

  3. Marilyn Lowe
    30th April 2016 / 21:32

    I love Marseille but sadly it is a while since I visited. It does have its dark side though if you inadvertently stray of the beaten track.

  4. Debra Davidson
    30th April 2016 / 21:37

    Love the pictures of Marseille, I was last there over 30years ago! I would like to wear a cape but at ‘5ft nothing’ I feel swamped in them! Any suggestions?

    • 1st May 2016 / 11:38

      Hi Debra
      I would suggest a pashmina or large shawl. You can make either into a sort of cape by wrapping round neck then folding round arms and fastening at the back with a pin or just tying a small knot.

  5. LesleyP
    1st May 2016 / 09:02

    Marseille is very beautiful, your outfits were perfect looking not only elegant but comfortable. It’s essential I think to feel at ease with your clothes and shoes when travelling. Well done.

  6. Brenda Kilgallon
    1st May 2016 / 14:48

    Love the scarf with the cape.

  7. WendyB
    2nd May 2016 / 11:37

    Loved the photos! I’ve never been to Marseilles. The cape looks great on you.

  8. Susan B (
    2nd May 2016 / 22:28

    We drove through Marseilles when we were visiting the south of France, but did not stop (were riding in a car with other folks who had a different itinerary). I’d love to go back and visit sometime!

  9. Vicki Sholty
    31st January 2017 / 22:49

    You look absolutely elegant in the photo in front of the graffiti wall. Maybe my favorite of you so far! (Sorry, I just read this and a few other archived posts!)

    • 1st February 2017 / 08:58

      Thank you Vicki for popping by and comment on my blog. Glad you like the graffiti photo.

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