The joy of wearing comfortable shoes


It is a long time since I have bought a pair of elegant court shoes. I have had a lot of comments from readers over the last year saying that I tend to wear trainers with most of my outfits, even skirts and dresses. This is because I’ve not been able to find any comfortable shoes that work for my feet. I need shoes made from very soft leather. I also need them to have a certain amount of support. Sole Bliss shoes to the rescue. I had heard of this brand so I was thrilled when apparently several of their customers mentioned my blog and suggested that Sole Bliss contact me. When they asked if I would like to try out their shoes. I jumped at the chance. This turned out to be an introduction to the joy of wearing comfortable shoes.

Snake skin ballet flats
Luna – fashionable ballet flat

When I checked out their website I was very impressed. I was tempted to choose another pair of trainers however I resisted and instead selected Tess in black leather, a classic loafer style, Sydney an elegant low healed classic in blue suede and Luna a fashionable ballet flat in snake print leather. They are not normally the style of shoes that I would be drawn to however when they arrived and tried them on I was absolutely thrilled. The joy of wearing comfortable elegant shoes at last.

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Comfortable classic court shoes
Sydney – Low heeled classics

The joy of wearing comfortable shoes

Sole Bliss specialise in fashionable comfortable footwear for women with foot conditions such as bunions, wide feet and arthritic joints etc. All Sole Bliss shoes have a cushioning comfort technology. Wearing their shoes literally feels like floating on air.

Dress from Hush (Spring season) Similar below:

So my shoe problems are solved. I can’t guarantee to give up my trainers completely but I will be adding more Sole Bliss shoes to my wardrobe in the future. I will be in good company as they are worn by both Helen Mirren and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall.

You can read more about how Sole Bliss technology works here.

10% DISCOUNT WITH CODE CHIC10 at checkout.

All photographs were taken by Laura Hines. Follow her on Instagram

Disclaimer: I was sent three pairs of shoes to try. I was gifted one pair and I chose the Tess style. The other two pairs were returned.


  1. Susan Kelley
    4th December 2020 / 12:29

    Only English use the terms trainers and court shoes. Always have to stop when I am reading and reconfigure those terms. Enjoyed your blog. Stay warm and safe!

  2. Ruth
    4th December 2020 / 16:11

    Love your hair!

  3. Sue Long
    5th December 2020 / 09:38

    I would also like to recommend Calla shoes, designed with bunions in mind. They are fantastic and like Sole Bliss you feel you are walking on air!

    5th December 2020 / 21:16

    You look so wonderful in your dress and new shoes!

  5. Nancy
    13th April 2021 / 22:26

    I love your look with your new shoes! Thanks for the tip on Sole Bliss, as my feet have become terribly picky as I’ve aged, and I have a difficult time finding dressier footwear options. I nearly panic when I have to dress formally because of the shoe issue (obviously haven’t had to worry about formalwear during COVID). I’m really excited to try Sole Bliss, just hoping I can get them in the U.S., or at least shipped here.

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