Shop windows Paris

Shop windows Paris

Delicious. Back in France and the windows of our local patisserie are looking very similar to the picture above, taken on my recent trip to Paris. This time of year the french pastry chefs get very creative and produce some wonderful creations. Their traditional Buchette de Noel is my favourite.

Jewellery in Paris

I passed this lovely jewellery boutique in St. Germain several times on my way to Le BonMarche in St. Germain. I fell in love with these stunning bright blue necklaces and earrings. Luckily for my credit card the shop was closed when I went back there on my final morning in Paris. There is always a next time!

I found similar at Nordstrom necklaces and earrings. Etsy also have a good selection necklaces and earrings



Shoes in Paris

I love Oxford lace up shoes and have a couple of pairs in my wardrobe. Above is a selection from the shoe department in Le BonMarche. They certainly give the sometimes plain Oxford a lively look! If you are feeling adventurous here are a few similar.




  1. Regine Karpel
    1st January 2017 / 16:50


  2. Ivy
    2nd January 2017 / 16:36

    Happy new year. May this be a year of style and elegance.

    • 2nd January 2017 / 17:31

      I agree Ivy. Thank you for your comment. Let’s make sure that it will be a year of style and elegance.

  3. Viv Butler
    2nd January 2017 / 19:12

    Happy New Year Josephine ! Love the jewellery, interesting that its quite chunky, must root out some of my older pieces to update my look for 2017. May even pop up to the Bead Shop in Covent Gdn and make myself something new !

  4. Carol
    2nd January 2017 / 23:18

    My husband recently died. He hated black; what can I wear to his large Celebration of Life in late February? I want to respect him without looking too flashy? I live in the rainy US Northwest.

    • 3rd January 2017 / 13:17

      Hi Carol
      A good question. I have had several members of my family die in the last few years. I think it very much depends on the customs of the country and community that you live in. I have definitely noticed that in the UK attendees at a funeral are dressed less formally than they used to. Not always in black and wearing a hat. The last two funerals I have been to I wore dark neutrals. To a recent one last November I chose a mid toned grey jacket and top with a black skirt and dark brown coat. To my sister in laws last summer I wore wide navy trousers and jacket. At my brother’s funeral eight years ago his widow wore black trousers with a classic cream jacket and it looked OK.
      I would suggest that you choose a classic neutral and then maybe add a touch of discreet colour with accessories. I think it is basically what you feel comfortable wearing and what you consider will add gravitas and respect to the occasion.
      I have been thinking of addressing this particular topic on a post so will give it further thought.

  5. Sue Lewellen
    3rd January 2017 / 02:39

    Happy New Year from “across the pond” (Texas). I so enjoy your posts—especially from France.

  6. Kathy
    17th July 2017 / 20:22

    So,all those blogs I read about Parisians only wearing very delicate jewelry, were not accurate. Not that I have an issue with American style. Any classic style is good.

  7. 18th July 2017 / 11:47

    Hi Kathy
    I think French women wear both delicate and statement. There were certainly plenty of shops selling chunky jewellery when I was last in Paris. I will check again in October.

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