Puffa coats or doudounes


We have had the mildest October and November here in London for many years. However it is just beginning to turn a bit chilly and the east winds are starting to blow. It is time to snuggle up under the douvet. If that is not possible and the world intrudes and it is necessary to step outside do the next best thing and snuggle up under a douvet coat or a doudoune as they say in France. Here are a few of my favourites.
+ J at Uniglo
I shall be getting mine out of mothballs this week-end.

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  1. Fenicia
    29th November 2011 / 05:24

    I’m just about to restuff a Bill Blass puffer coat that I bought in a New York sale in 1982! The feathers have finally wilted completely, but I love the colour (metallic aubergine) and shape of the coat (calf length, flared) so much that I’ve decided to open up the lining and restuff it with the filling of a cheap duvet from Asda. I don’t know how successful I’ll be, but it’s worth a try.

    My only complaint with today’s puffers is that there isn’t much room inside them. They are rather skimpy in the cut – or am I just getting larger?! My Bill Blass version is spacious and really comfortable and makes a wonderful opulent crunchy/swishy noise when I move.

    I think the mean cut of today’s clothes has a lot to do with bad fit. You rarely find seam allowance that can be let out and no one is has a ‘perfect’ shape.

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