How I wear the new trouser shape

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Trouser shapes have been evolving for many seasons. It seems that we have lived in skinny trousers and some of us leggings for years. Slowly the wider shape trouser has vied with its skinny cousin for a place in our wardrobes. This season the short wide leg trouser is a combination of the wide trouser and the ankle length capri. Thus creating the new style wide ankle trouser.



culottes with waistcoat 2



I thought I would dip my toes into this new trend. A bit like kissing many frogs until you find your prince, I tried on several wide leg ankle pants. Many were just too baggy and looked clown like. I finally settled on this pair by FineryLondon (not a brand I had heard of till recently). They have a slim high waistline (which works for me as I have a long waist). They fit well around the hips and are not too baggy.


The problem was what to team them with. I tried them with a simple 3/4 sleeve turtle neck sweater. Then for a more structured look I wore them with a waistcoat.  Shoes were the biggest problem. They looked ok with flats but much better with these ankle strap sandals.

There are some interesting ones at J.Crew some with 30% reduction code TIMETOSHOP.












  1. Christine Kelly
    22nd April 2016 / 11:35

    None of the pictures could be seen

    • 23rd April 2016 / 07:39

      Most pictures should now be up. We have had serious technical problems.

  2. Marie Jackson
    22nd April 2016 / 21:14

    I have struggled with this look and have decided it is not for me. You always look very stylish and keep your readers up with what is current, can I ask is this a trend you like??

    • 23rd April 2016 / 07:42

      Hi Marie I agree this look is not for everybody. It is beginning to grow on me and I will certainly wear the trousers again. I often find that when a new look comes in it can take time to get accustomed to it.

  3. Marie Jackson
    23rd April 2016 / 13:36

    That is so true! I remember years ago trying my first pair of “straight leg/skinny” trousers after years of flares and thinking I would never get used to them. As you say footwear is the big problem, boots might be an easy option to break me in gently! Love the blog by the way. Enjoy France.

  4. 23rd April 2016 / 13:51

    I am so glad you like the blog Marie it means a lot to me especially as the last week has been challenging to say the least as you will read in tomorrows post. I have just bought some new sandals here in France and think that they might work with the new trouser length.

  5. Marilyn Lowe
    24th April 2016 / 09:21

    Sorry but this style is not for me. A skirt that length yes but not trousers. I love the blog though, it helps me have less fashion mishaps. Enjoy your time in France.

  6. Sue
    24th April 2016 / 17:33

    I don’t think this trouser style suits short women very well. Full length or even ankle length trousers don’t appear to cut your height as these do.

    • 24th April 2016 / 17:47

      I think that you are right Sue. You do need a reasonable height for this style.

  7. Margie
    25th April 2016 / 14:38

    Typically, shoes make the outfit. You are right; I like the pants better with the sandals but what happens when the weather doesn’t permit sandals!

    • 26th April 2016 / 10:34

      Hi Margie
      A good question. I tried a pair of culottes last Autumn and wore them with boots. I don’t like gaps between boots and trousers so I think that the boots need to be long enough.

  8. MJ
    26th April 2016 / 20:04

    I think I’m going to weigh in against this new silhouette for me. You wear it well but I think for me it will make my legs look wider and be too voluminous. I’m rather busty so I need to balance my bottom with something slimmer. I also agree with other commenters that it presents difficult footwear choices.

  9. Barbara Harris
    26th April 2016 / 21:18

    You look lovely.
    I think the style is going to depend on a person’s over all proportions and height, and whether you like your ankles.
    Mine are about the only part of me that has kept its original shape !

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