New Spring colours to lift your wardrobe

New Spring colours to lift your wardrobe

I just could not resist. I needed some new Spring colours to lift my wardrobe. Luckily for me and all of us who suit the cool colour palette pink, light blue and lilac are among the new season’s top colours. If you have warm colouring don’t worry there are also some lovely oranges, bright reds and yellows. You can check out this season’s top colours here. I have also added the Pantone colour palette at the bottom of this post for your reference.

My new pink cotton top is from Me&Em. It is quite loose and boxy so I had to play around to get the proportions right. I think that it goes well with my wide-leg trousers originally from WinserLondon, some sizes still available at JohnLewis&partners.

Pink cotton top and wide black trousers

I am wearing a black roll-neck sweater underneath for warmth. When the weather is warmer I would swap this for a white tee or just a statement necklace.

Pink cotton top and black joggers

I was not sure whether my new top would work with my joggers but in fact I think that it does. The artful or in my case not so artful tuck-in gives it a sleeker line. This look would work for Petites. On the subject of Petites there is a petite woman who I often see in our village. She works in one of the small independent fashion boutiques (now sadly currently closed). She looks stunning in outfits very similar to the one I am wearing in the first photo. I think it is because she wears her clothes with such confidence.

My black joggers are from MeandEm. In my opinion they have the best range of joggers. Mine is the basic Luxe Lounge jogger.

A selection of new Spring colours to lift your wardrobe.


  1. marifach
    26th February 2021 / 15:17

    Pink and black a lovely combination on you. I’ve been colour coded a Spring so love your colour chart.

  2. Jeanne
    26th February 2021 / 16:49

    Thank you for the new spring color palette. If and when I do shop they will give me some direction. Sometimes I get distracted by all the pretty colors and prints and I end up going home with things that go with nothing. I’m learning to embrace solid colors as they seem to blend well together to create more options and outfits without too much effort.

  3. DeeDee
    26th February 2021 / 17:48

    Lovely outfits! As an person who likes warm autumn colors, I’m always looking for ways to go warm in Spring. Thanks for all the choices.

  4. Francesca B.
    26th February 2021 / 18:24

    Wonderful look thank you Josephine for bringing the sunshine! I love that combination. Thank you for the post and happy weekend:)

  5. 26th February 2021 / 18:34

    I’m a Summer, like you. I’ve always loved pink, especially paired with black and/or white. That pretty top is trendy yet classic and looks lovely with the joggers. I will wear many of the colors in the Pantone palette – so pretty, even the colors that aren’t becoming to me. (My husband just picked up A Gentleman In Moscow at the library, my treat for this weekend!)

  6. Julia
    26th February 2021 / 20:31

    You look great in the second picture Josephine!
    Love those joggers!
    Not thrilled about the wide-legged pants though.

  7. 26th February 2021 / 20:33

    Such a great post, Josephine! Love the steer of Spring fashion colour tones. This look is adventurous and you look wonderful. Brava!

  8. 5th March 2021 / 21:16

    Could you tell us the name/ brand of your lipstick? It looks great with pink.

    • 7th March 2021 / 09:54

      Hello Mary
      The bight pink I often wear is “Nine lives” by Mac. If I want a softer look I use either plum or tulip pink by Lookfabulousforever.

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