My beauty haircare update

My beauty haircare update

I thought it was about time for a beauty and skincare update. I wrote about my regime about a month ago. Check out the full post here. I have to admit and I am a sceptic that I am beginning to see improvements with my pesky under-eye dark shadows. I have been very disciplined, unlike me, and have used the Transfhormulas eye cream on a regular basis, both morning and evening. I don’t think it has made much difference to my wrinkles, I have become quite accepting of them. However the skin round my eyes feels softer. My Filorga “Time filler”  (similar available at M&S) continues to work well and add well needed moisture to my parched skin. I have also started using the Transfhormulas glycol cleanser and find it effective. I like to wash my face in the evening and use my tried and trusted Foreo (also available at Feelunique)to massage in my cleanser. This combination makes sure that my skin is free from make-up and pollution.

I have been trialling a new product that helps to care for our delicate mature hair.

Aquis towel


Introducing the Aquis towel. I was gifted one of their towels to trial. I have come across a similar concept in the past however this model is definitely superior. I swim once a week when in London and when in France have to wash my hair frequently due to the high humidity. My new short hair cut makes this job considerably easier. I am also lucky that I have inherited thick hair, however it is not as thick as it used to be and I do have to treat it with care. I now wrap my new Aquis towel round my hair and leave it for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. No rubbing as this can damage fragile hair especially if you use a cotton towel. I spray on my styling product, currently Kerastase Discipline fluidissime (Anti-Friz). I straighten my fringe with a brush and hairdryer. I then use a vent brush to lift the roots and smooth the ends. Job done.

Do you have any tips for caring for mature hair?

I love this promotional video from Aquis so I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy.


  1. Karen
    17th April 2017 / 15:28

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the Aquis towel. I think I want to get one, too! And by the way, your new hair cut is very flattering!

  2. WendyB
    17th April 2017 / 18:31

    I’ve just ordered myself one of these in turban form after reading lots of positive reviews online. I’ve been using a cotton towelling turban for years but it either doesn’t dry my hair enough so I end up rubbing it with a towel or it dries it out too much so it ends up going frizzy! Thanks for the tip!

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