Life in our french village

Life in our french village

One thing I love about our village at this time of the year are the festivities. It is so hot during the day that most of us keep to the shade and try to stay cool. However in the evening we come out to play. During the month of July every Tuesday we are entertained by the “Grimaldines” and a music concert at the “ancient chateau”. There are often acrobats, comedians and dancers. Each evening has a different theme. Last Tuesday there were dancers, musicians and acrobats to entertain us.

Villagers wander round the narrow streets or gather in the main square. We usually meet up with friends for a glass or two of wine. I like to wear one of my maxi dresses. I find them cool and comfortable.

Blue maxi dress

The movement of the fabric when I walk creates a nice breeze. I don’t mind “no sleeves” when it is very hot. Although I often keep a silk chiffon scarf or wrap handy if I feel like covering my shoulders and upper arms. In the photo above I have adapted one of my beach kaftans into a handy shawl.

Blue maxi dress

The necklace I am wearing was bought from our local market (similar at Etsy). My blue dress is some years old. It has been down here in France for the last few seasons.

Life in our french village

I managed to get a photo of one of the street dancers but they were moving so fast that it was difficult.

I don’t have a professional photographer here in France so the photos above were kindly taken by my friend Dee, who did an excellent job with difficult light and a point and shoot camera.

It is getting a bit late in the season for sleeveless maxi dresses. I did however find some good ones at Jigsaw (many reduced in their sale). Hopefashion do great silk tops similar to the one I am wearing above. You can see how I wore one of their tops in a previous post here. 

I have selected some similar and current styles:


  1. 15th July 2017 / 12:52

    Wearing and using color in our homes can be so uplifting. You look wonderful in this cornflower blue!-Laurel

  2. Linda Armitage
    15th July 2017 / 16:38

    Agree, a really gorgeous colour on you and what a cute necklace!

  3. Viv Butler
    15th July 2017 / 19:17

    Simply stunning Josephine!

  4. 15th July 2017 / 19:48

    I do agree: when it’s really hot I wear sleeveless. You just have to! You look wonderful Josephine: very relaxed and happy. Enjoy your time!

  5. Margie Laubert
    15th July 2017 / 23:39

    Beautiful Josephine! Everyone woman with white hair/gray hair should wear blue! Love your sunglasses….do they offer UVA protection? I’d be interested in knowing the brand name.

    • 16th July 2017 / 08:33

      Hi Margie
      Yes I think grey hair and blue go so well together. The answer to your question about the sunglasses is I am afraid I don’t know. I borrowed them from a friend as I have had an eye infection and need to be careful not to get any dust in my eyes. I have been wearing them every day this last week. I often buy my sunglasses at TKMaxx (I think your equivalent is T.J.Maxx). I always check the UVA protection before I buy (if possible level 3 protection)

    • 16th July 2017 / 08:26

      Thank you Kristin Blue is my default colour since I let my hair go grey.

  6. Kathy
    17th July 2017 / 06:42

    I have never met a shade of blue I didn’t like, so I love your outfit. I’ve recently moved to Florida from New England and am wearing brighter colors, now. Today, I went cut off all of my colored hair, so, it’s nice to see how great you look in the bright blues.

    • 17th July 2017 / 07:39

      Hi Kathy
      I agree I think it is better to wear brighter colours if you live in a sunnier climate. Hope you are happy with your new hair cut.

  7. No Fear of Fashion
    23rd July 2017 / 15:07

    This is a very beautiful and elegant look. Well styled. And your post reminds me of the times we had holidays in France and my husband kept insisting on buying a house there. Our second home. Gosh we saw a lot of houses. We did make a bid once on a water mill. I was so glad they didn’t accept our offer. I bet the sellers are still regretting it haha. And once I fell for a house and my husband didn’t want it. Then after a while I said I didn’t want a house in France anymore. Too much hassle. When I read your post, I think hmmm… was that the right decision? But you can never look back.

    • 24th July 2017 / 16:04

      Hi Greetje
      Thanks for your comment. I agree that buying a house in a foreign country can be challenging. That is why we did not buy a traditional provencal house (lovely as they are) We have a small apartment in a converted “Gendarmerie” over looking the vineyards. It really is a lock up and go with fairly low maintenance.

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