Last visit to St.Tropez market

Last visit to St.Tropez market
This was a shop window down one of the side streets.

My last visit to St.Tropez market before we return to London. I got up early and took the local bus into St.Tropez which arrived at about 9.30 am.

Wandering down the side streets while they are still quiet is a delight. I spied this outfit in one of the shop windows. It is so typical of the St.Tropez look. Jeans, I have seen quite a few women wearing the wider style jeans this season. They are teamed here with a shirt casually knotted under a vibrantly patterned jacket. The small bag and layered necklaces complete the look.

Last visit to St.Tropez market

As requested by several of my readers I managed to get quite a few photos of the various stalls before the market got too crowded.

The photo above shows a typical St.Tropez outfit. Jeans with a boho style jacket.

French wicker shopping baskets

These baskets are so typical of St.Tropez. You see French women carrying them whenever they are doing their shopping. Much more ecological than plastic. None of the vegetables on the stalls are wrapped in plastic. You choose what you want then put them In a brown paper bag which you give to the stallholder to weigh and price. The big supermarkets also operate in the same way. You choose your fruit and vegetables and they are weighed and priced at the checkout.

You can find a good selection of wicker baskets at La Redoute. Etsy also has some excellent ones.

French baskets
Style in St.Tropez market

I thought that this stallholder had dressed the mannequin in a very chic way. Simple black trousers and a sweater under a cream coat.

Anthropologie has similar coats.

Summer smock top

I love this cotton top. So useful with white jeans or trousers in the summer. I did resist as I have quite a few similar ones already and I am trying to pare down my wardrobe.

Scarves in St.Tropez market
St.Tropez market style

Another chic outfit. Animal print dresses are still very popular and I loved the colour of the sweater. I searched everywhere for tassel necklaces but could not find any for sale. They seem to be only for display purposes. I will continue my search.

If you missed my previous post on the St.Tropez market you can catch up here.

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  1. Joyce Disney
    8th October 2021 / 16:29

    Love the colours, where I live in Yorkshire the stores often have only drab colours especially for the colder damper weather coming along at this time. Having lived in Mexico for some months I just love bright colours and they lift your spirits too!

    • Julia
      8th October 2021 / 16:44

      So true Joyce! I live in Canada now but was born and brought up in Yorkshire and until the death of my parents, went back there regularly. Especially winter clothes are drab and dull there, (supposed to be practical) love the colourful outfits photographed by Josephine in St Tropez.

  2. Dianne
    8th October 2021 / 16:39

    Thanks for the photos. Love colour!!!

  3. 8th October 2021 / 16:41

    Oh! So pretty! I want to jump into the blog and grab one of the lovely baskets. Then stuff in the jeans, jacket, blouse, 20 scarves and the sweater in pink, both creams, both greens and all 4 blues – with a coordinating animal print dress for each! I have no self control when it comes to pretty things. You must have had a wonderful time. Hope you are bringing some treats home for yourself. Thanks for these sumptuous photos!

  4. Heather Tomlins
    8th October 2021 / 16:58

    Love your posts and photos! The market looks so vibrant and I would love to be there shopping!!

  5. Cricri
    8th October 2021 / 16:58

    Love the boho jacket would be so usefull

  6. Francie
    8th October 2021 / 19:14

    I loved seeing everything and would have bought one of each from your store– but I know that’s not possible… So fun to see the colors! I also love the title of your blog post and think it would be a great movie title!

  7. Jane Belfield
    8th October 2021 / 19:20

    Lovely display of clothes. Just to warn you I’ve just travelled up to Calais and the a26 is full of contraflows and adds quite a bit to the journey.

  8. Kathy
    8th October 2021 / 23:16

    How fun it would be to visit these stalls!

  9. Lynn Brogden
    9th October 2021 / 09:42

    Loved your blog and photos.

  10. Trudy Jackson
    9th October 2021 / 11:00

    loved the colours, more scarves please

  11. 9th October 2021 / 14:16

    Oh my goodness, those are stunning. But those pants (with the cream coat) come across more purple than black in the picture. I love the cut of them!

  12. Sylvia
    12th October 2021 / 04:02

    I want that jacket, how about arranging a trip with all your fans. Can you just picture the group with you leading the gals. Thanks so much for sharing; always look forward to what is new.

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