Keeping your eyelashes healthy

Keeping your eyelashes healthy

Keeping your eyelashes healthy

Why is it that eyelashes and eyebrows tend to get sparser as we get older. Well the hair on our brows and lashes is a lot like the hair on our heads. There’s a natural growth phase and rate of shedding. It typically takes at least three months for each hair to grow back.

Here are five bad habits that might be causing damage to your precious eyelashes…….

If your lashes tend to fall out like mine, common culprits like waterproof mascara and falsies (not sure that many of us wear these except maybe for special occasions) could be to blame.

Things to avoid:

1. Rubbing too hard when you remove your makeup.
Mascara can be one of the hardest things to remove with just face wash. It’s important to use a gentle eye makeup remover to get rid of makeup around the eyes. Hold your cotton pad against your lids for a few seconds to loosen the product, and you won’t have to work as hard. If you’re rubbing too much, you can aggravate the area and end up with lashes on your cotton pad.

2. Not taking all your make-up off effectively before you go to bed. 
Sleeping with any traces of mascara can be problematic for your lashes. It can harden the lashes and make them more prone to break.

4. Waterproof mascara.
Waterproof mascara is great for this time of year when the weather is hot. You may be going on holiday in which case waterproof mascara is useful if you are an enthusiastic swimmer or just like to lounge by the pool and have an occasional dip to cool off.  However the ingredients used to make this type of mascara last longer and can dry out your lashes, making them more brittle (and apt to break).

5. You’re an enthusiastic eyelash curler.
This is an interesting one as we are encouraged to curl our lashes on a daily basis. Lash curling does make a significant difference. Our lashes look longer which helps to opens up the eye. However using an eyelash curler puts traction on the hairs and can pull them out, especially if done over mascara. Remember to always curl your lashes before putting on mascara. I would suggest being very gentle when you curl. You can heat up your curler with a blowdryer to get a better result without having to press as hard or clamp down multiple times. This seems like a bit of a time consuming “faff” to me. I have taken to using a heated lash curler which I find very effective and much gentler.

Mine is by blinc from Feelunique. Alternatively you could use lash curling mascara. 

They say every time you lose an eyelash you should make a wish. I think my wish would be that my eyelashes would stop falling out and would grow back quicker!

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    4th August 2017 / 15:38

    Headed to Nordstroms today………..will check it OUT!

  2. 4th August 2017 / 15:46

    Hi Contessa

    Thanks for your comment. Hair is a complicated matter. Probably best to visit a trichologist. I was recommended Jamaican Black castor oil by a beauty consultant for my thinning eyebrows. Apparently it does not smell very nice but I have ordered a bottle from amazon (very cheap) and am going to try it out. The reviews were quite good.

  3. Janis crummack
    4th August 2017 / 16:29

    regarding eyelashes health …i lost my eyelashes and eyebrows due to cancer treatment.someone recomended “nanolash” i was very skeptical but ive been using it every noght since christmas and i can honestly recomend it …everyone remarks how long and thick they are.i cant believe the difference im trying it on my eyebrows now.

    • 4th August 2017 / 17:09

      Hi Janis
      Thanks for that tip. I have checked it out and it looks interesting. I will try some when my Mavala serum runs out. I have tried the Boots one in the past and it is quite good.

  4. Charlie Jones
    4th August 2017 / 16:54

    Great site!! I am passing this on to my wife. Love your style!!

  5. Lynne- Anne Gerred
    4th August 2017 / 17:32

    I love using “mascara” on my brows, I don’t have to draw anything and it covers the white hair. I’ve used benefits product in the past and now I am using a blinc product. All that being said, what really annoys me is that my eyebrows are migrating south to my lip and chin.

    • 4th August 2017 / 19:29

      Hi Lynne-Anne
      I do like the benefit products and use the slanted pencil plus the gel that keeps the eyebrows in place. I find that my facial exercises (when I remember to do them) help a bit with migrating eyebrows

  6. stylecrone
    4th August 2017 / 18:57

    Very helpful post Josephine. Thank you!

  7. Anna Barrow
    5th August 2017 / 09:22

    Regarding eyelashes and eyebrows: I have been using Rapid Lash and Rapid Brow for about 9 months AND it has worked for me.Im astonished by the results to be honest – at around £40 a tube, it is more than I would normally spend but definitely worth it .Tubes last 2/3 months.

  8. 5th August 2017 / 12:26

    Thanks Anna. Yes I have tried them and do find them good. I am using a Marvala one at the moment (a bit cheaper) but prefer the Rapid Lash version.

  9. Mary, The Pouting Pensioner
    7th August 2017 / 00:10

    Well, I’m totally with you on this, thanks for the article. In retirement I’ve made cost savings in many areas but I allow myself YSL faux lash mascara (non waterproof) because my lashes feel best with it, during and after wear. I allow myself Clarins gentle eye make up remover, because it’s exactly what it says on the tin, er, bottle. I don’t use curlers. I don’t know what no. 3 is but I suspect I may pass with flying colours on that point too. So I’ve just given myself a gold star, ok Josephine?!!

  10. 7th August 2017 / 11:08

    Hi Mary
    Sounds like you are doing everyone right. Clarins eye make up remover is very good.

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