Inspiring women of a certain age – The Calendar Girls

I have long been inspired by these 6 formidable women. As I support Leukaemia Research I even had the pleasure of meeting them briefly at a fund raising evening.  To give you a short summary it was back in 1998 when a group of mid-life women (between 45 to 65), mourning the premature widowhood of one of their group decided to produce a calendar to raise funds for research into blood cancers. This was no ordinary calendar as they decided to pose in the “nude” with the addition of strategically placed props.

Instead of the few hundred pounds they aimed to raise the fund grew into millions and the rest is history. There was a movie made in 2004 staring Helen Mirren and Julie Walters, well worth a view if you have not already seen it.



There is currently a play on the London stage.
Don’t The Girls look elegant in their signature black (as I understand it courtesy of MarksandSpencer), accessorised with pearls and a sunflower corsage, their trademark emblem.  Stylish and I might add natural (none of that Hollywood lack of expression or emotion due to Botox etc) just full of joy and energy.



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  1. Zoe
    30th April 2012 / 12:01

    Lovely posting, Josie. Very thoughtful and informative.

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