How to use scarves to maximise our wardrobes

How to use scarves to maximise our wardrobes

If you are getting bored of your winter wardrobe but it is not yet warm enough to get your lighter-weight spring/summer clothes out of mothballs. Lets us look at how we can use scarves to maximise our wardrobes. Layers are the key. There was a very cold wind the day Mr.P photographed my outfit. I am wearing a thermal vest under my grey cotton hoodie. When we finally get to meet up with our friends and family I have a feeling that this is going to be mostly out in the open air. I will not be packing my thermals away any time soon. I have worn mine so much this year that a few need replacing. I will pop over to Uniqlo (US link), who in my opinion offer the best thermals at reasonable prices.

To create a slightly different look I have ruched the hood of my grey sweatshirt so that it forms a collar. I have then draped a large shawl over my shoulders and secured it with a narrow belt. This creates an extra layer of warmth and adds interest to an outfit. I have used toning blues and greys but you could just as easily use a contrasting or accent colour.

casual look with jeans and hoodie

To keep my outfit casual I am wearing my trusted Levi straight jeans. I have not put on any weight during lockdown yet my jeans felt quite tight around the waist. Probably it is because I have been living in my elasticated or tie-waisted joggers for so long.

I need a new pair of jeans so I am going to have a look around and see if I can find a looser cut style or maybe a pair of wide leg jeans.

How to use scarves to maximise our wardrobes

How to use scarves to maximise our wardrobes

You could equally as well use a large scarf or adapt a throw to create this look.

Here are a few ideas.


  1. Jackie
    26th March 2021 / 16:04

    Happy hunting for new jeans. It’s what I’m trying to do now and isn’t easy when you can’t try them on. I’ll look forward to reading that blog.

    • 26th March 2021 / 16:29

      Hello Jackie
      You are right shopping for jeans at the best of times is a nightmare. I have two pairs from Hush arriving tomorrow so we will see.

      • Jackie
        26th March 2021 / 17:46

        Good luck. I’ve just returned a pair from Boden. Gave me the most spectacular muffin top so I think maybe I need to stick to high rise. About to try some from M&S.

        • 29th March 2021 / 10:31

          Hello Jackie
          I have a couple of old M&S jeans which I still love but the last lot I tried did not work at all the fabric as too thin and they were clingy.

  2. Mary
    26th March 2021 / 16:58

    Enjoyed your blog as always. Love the Veja trainers. Do you find them comfortable? I have bunion issues and read that they are a narrow fit so I’m slow to buy them online.

    • 29th March 2021 / 10:39

      Hello Mary
      I do find the Veja trainers comfortable however I am not sure they would be with a bunion. I have narrow feet so they work well. I did try the high-top ones but had to send them back as they were not comfortable on my ankles. I bought mine from Net-a-Porter and have a good advice service so you could contact them.

  3. Angela
    26th March 2021 / 19:17

    Being an H shape with a flat behind and a post menpause tum, it makes buying trousers a nightmare. Slippage or muffin top is the norm. But I’ve been given advice by an Australian stylist blogger to check out maternity jeans. Though the range in NZ may be very small, I’m hoping the proportions will work in my favour.

    • 29th March 2021 / 10:32

      Hello Angela
      Never thought of that idea. I do like trousers with elastic at the back as then they fit better into my lumber curve.

  4. Kari
    27th March 2021 / 18:19

    Love the creativity in your top picture! So long boredom—WHAM!

  5. 28th March 2021 / 18:43

    You make a sweatshirt hoodie and jeans into an eye-catching outfit. Pretty, flattering and added warmth. Creative genius. Would not have thought of this. Will definitely copy.

  6. jennifer77
    6th April 2021 / 10:18

    Bundle of thanks for sharing

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