How to update your jeans this season

For most of us, although I know they are not for everyone, jeans are an indispensable part of a practical working wardrobe. However, selecting  the right style, shape, colour and fit of jeans is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This season MarksandSpencer have come to the rescue by creating an easy to navigate Denim Hub. What a great idea and a fantastic place to start the search for that perfect pair of jeans.

Denim is all the rage this season from denim on denim to the new (old) 70s vibe with flares. There are some inspiring examples of how to style your denim at the Denim Hub. For me the most useful section is What style are you? and their fit and style guide which describes each jean style and helps you to find the ideal one to flatter your figure.

So with this in mind I took myself off to MarksandSpencer in Westfield shopping centre to get myself out of my jeans rut. I must have tried on every style in the store and finally chose one of the new kick flare jeans. It has a raised waistband at the back which fits snuggly into my waist (no ugly gap) and the flare balances my pear shaped figure.

I have decided to style my jeans 3 different ways to show how versatile and practical they can be.










Worn with a chic duster coat for a trip into town or lunch with a friend.

Kick flare jeans styled with stripe duster coat (this is definitely my favourite coat of the season). Cream top from a selection. Metal necklace






Casual with a slight nod to the boho trend.

Fringed shawl from a selection   Grey Fedora hat






Dressed up with a vintage sequin jacket for an evening out.


If you remember “flares” from the first time round, would you or should you? try them again. My immediate response might have been “no” however I am glad I tried because the new versions have lots of stretch and are more subtle (no flapping round the ankles)

Have you tried a new jean style this season and how do you style yours?


  1. Pam@over50feeling40
    4th March 2015 / 15:00

    I really have found a place in my wardrobe for all of the different leg-size styles. Most days I prefer a straight leg or boot-cut style…but I also love the skinny leg and the flared…just depends on the style of the outfit for me. You look lovely in all of these pictures.

  2. Linda
    4th March 2015 / 15:24

    I haven’t thrown out my old flares so I’m good to go!

  3. Lynn
    4th March 2015 / 16:31

    I love M & co. for jeans. Lovely comfy high waistband and good choice of leg styles. I am loving the skinny ones at moment as they fit my wide calves without clinging too much! Good selection of fabrics and colours too.

    • 4th March 2015 / 16:39

      Hi Lynn I agree many of the styles have high waists. I normally wear the sculpt and lift straight style.

  4. une femme
    4th March 2015 / 17:06

    You’ve styled those beautifully. You look fabulous in them.

  5. Sandra Sallin
    4th March 2015 / 17:46

    You look great in those jeans, but that jacket just makes the look perfect! I want it!

  6. Sue W
    4th March 2015 / 18:02

    Thanks for the M&S denim hub info. Planning a trip on Saturday coming to investigate. You are a useful lady!!

  7. Lyn Rozier
    5th March 2015 / 00:51

    I prefer a straight leg, being only 5’2″ the flares swamp me and make my legs look shorter, can’t be doing with that! I wore flares back in the day but don’t think I’ll revisit them now – you look fab in each outfit, I particularly like the duster coat!

    • 5th March 2015 / 08:26

      Hi Lyn I agree straight legs to look good if you are shorter. However the new kick flare jeans are much more subtle than the original versions and with a heel they can elongate the legs. It very much depends on the proportion of the overall outfit.

  8. the hipsterette
    5th March 2015 / 08:32

    I remember flares the first time round and eschewed them for a very long time – as they have “come” back several time but now I think enough time has passed that I am ready to re-embrace – the wider leg. The can give the illusion of a longer, thinner leg – what’s not to like about that?

  9. Angela N
    11th May 2015 / 12:18

    I agree with Lynn, being a petite 5′ 1″ (mid BMI range) that flares or boot cut can swamp you. I prefer skinny high waisted as they seem to pull you in at the right places and look equally good with heels or flats and tuck nicely into boots!

    • 11th May 2015 / 12:42

      Hi Angela

      I agree flares or boot cut are not that great if you are petit. I am 5’7″ so can just get away with them and they balance out my wider hips. Otherwise I prefer straight to skinny which have a habit of clinging to my wide calves. Jeans and trousers shapes are so personal.

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