Freshen up your wardrobe with cream and black




I have spent many months in dark colours . Head to toe navy, charcoal grey and black with the occasional flash of colour provided by a bright scarf.

It seemed time to lighten up a little. Cream or winter white is the ideal solution. A classic neutral, light and bright, yet somehow not too much of a shock to the system.  I love the combination of winter white teamed with black, grey or navy. Monochrome yet soft. Stark white can be a little harsh at this time of year .




Here I am wearing a tunic style. I have had to have a good clear out of my winter woolies. I find that some of them are clinging a little too much round the middle. I am still the same weight and measurements yet somehow I have developed that slight “roll” round the middle.  I now find both sweaters and T shirts with a slight A line more flattering.






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  1. Libby Wilkie
    6th March 2015 / 15:18

    Coincidence! I just put on my baby pin whale off -white cords from J.Crew. The day is, finally, sunny and after a good workout at the gym I wanted a bit of a “new look!” I’m already feeling better about everything. A gray tunic with them and then a colorful necklace completes my look for the day. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. une femme
    6th March 2015 / 17:49

    That’s such a lovely sweater! I’m with you on the a-line, and on cream rather than white, whenever I can find it.

  3. Lorraine Keep
    6th March 2015 / 20:46

    OHHH ! I love you ! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me! I’m 72 yrs. old, weigh 104 lbs. and for the past 3/4 yrs. have been carrying around this 4 month old baby belly !
    I think I might just be normal !

    • 7th March 2015 / 06:53

      Hi Lorraine You are definitely normal. Most of the women in my pilates class (we work hard and are fairly fit) have “the roll” apparently as we no longer produce much oestrogen we store some in fat round our middles or so I have been told.

  4. Kris
    7th March 2015 / 01:17

    You look lovely. And I love the tunic. I just bought a cream “boyfriend” blazer from Chico’s and can’t wait for good weather to give it a go. And, yes, a bit of brightening after the long winter is refreshing.

  5. Dianne Lucas
    7th March 2015 / 02:02

    Love the total outfit

  6. Jess
    9th March 2015 / 23:02

    Love this graceful cream and black look! You must be reading my mind…( I have a look scheduled) the beautiful painterly blue scarf adds a gorgeous spring touch of color.

    from the link up, stop by when you can, jessxx

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